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logo wslive thumb4 BREAKING NEWS – Microsoft LiveServices JumpStart 2009 is now Live Microsoft today has launched its much awaited consumer web platform Dubbed LiveServices. Two day paid sessions are planned throughout the world (US, Asia, Australia, Western-Europe and Eastern-Europe), and will provide a deep-dive in different Windows Live technologies.

But what is liveservices? Microsoft elaborates it’s purpose as:

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clip image002 thumb1 Tired Of boring Blogging Engines? – Try the Revolutionary OnSugar blogging platformWe all have a blogger inside us, and most of us must have used blogger, wordpress and other engines but what if we wanted a combination of wordpress with twitter etc, with web 2.0 management styles and features? Well here comes OnSugar the rescue!!!

OnSugar is a new blogging platform with a twist. Just like the new blogger it has dashboard structure to effectively manage all your blogs and follow certain blogs and message their owners. Managing your own themes and creating them is a synch and well quite fun as well, unlike on other blogging engines.

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clip image004 thumb1 Organize your Social Life   With SocialCalendar...Ever wanted to effectively manage your social life? Well here is SocialCalendar which makes it easy to manage and remember important social occasions like birthdays, holidays, and other get-togethers through event reminders, and allows users to share these dates with friends and family.

Amazon partnership also enables, SocialCalendar users give (and receive) the perfect gift for any occasion. User’ get to browse millions of gift ideas, without going to the mall, hence also organize their contacts, birthday reminders etc.

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image thumb63 Windows 7 – Codename “Strata” – Coming soon…In its initiative, Microsoft’s vision’s for cloud computing and building applications that seamlessly bridge the gaps between PC, Web, and phone, Microsoft today announced the new codename for it’s next Windows client operating system.

As seen on the PDC website, here is a glimpse of the event agenda highlighting windows strata.

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