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ibowlshot iBowl – The iPhone App Adds new features making it More FANTASTIC…

We all love the iPhone game,iBowlt iBowl – The iPhone App Adds new features making it More FANTASTIC…, which closed out 2008 as the 4th most popular game on the App Store. Today SGN, the company behind the game, released an updated version of the popular game enabling users to see their friends and follow their bowling statuses.

Games from SGN have been extremely popular, with iBowl alone seeing over 4 million downloads. And taking the advantage of Wi-fi and networking capabilities in the iPhone, now you can compete with friends or random opponents online.

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image thumb125 Angel Funding at this Time of Recession – TweetDeck is ought to be Lucky!!!

TweetDeckt Angel Funding at this Time of Recession – TweetDeck is ought to be Lucky!!!, today has secured nearly $500,000 from seed funding house Betaworkst Angel Funding at this Time of Recession – TweetDeck is ought to be Lucky!!!. The increasingly popular desktop application for accessing twitter tweets has impressed the masses and yet now the investors alike.

Iain Dodswortht Angel Funding at this Time of Recession – TweetDeck is ought to be Lucky!!!,the man behind TweetDeck,  mentions that the application powered by Adobe AIR has been downloaded 250,000 times since he launched it over last Summer, and that users are pushing 120,000 messages a day.

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image thumb124 Your Digital Life BackedUp – LifestreamBackup…

Ever lost all of your data, your tweets, photos, blog files, etc? Most of us don’t rely much on backing up data that frequently or never at all. But worry not, LifestreamBackup – a new startup(coming in two weeks), that aims to provide the peace of mind that your lifestream data will always be just as accessible as the backup of your machine.

We all know that beyond page 162 on Twitter you can’t access your tweets, no matter how hard you try. Other than that, thousands of blogs startup and shutdown, companies sold or even taking down content. So eventually a possibility of your data being lost.

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universal music group logo UMG and Kyte – The Domination Continues…

Universal Music Group and internet video streaming startup, Kyte today announced a deal, in which Kyte is to provide the mobile and online platform for the label’s artists, including 50 Cent, All American Rejects, Lil Wayne, and Lady Gaga.

Universal Music and Kyte will also be developing new mobile applications for the Music Group behemoth.

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stevejobs 8429349823 A Get Well Soon Wish for Steve Jobs as Tim Cook Takes Charge…

Earlier today, I reported about Apple shares taking a dive, due to CEO Steve Jobs announcement of leave of absence while he tends to his health until the end of June.

Jobs told employees in an e-mail that his health issues are more complex than he thought.

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lethaltitle iPhone Gets a Location Based Alarming and Warning App…

Keeping up to date about dangerous situations within a vicinity is a rightful act for self-defiance. And today we get a app which helps us do exactly that.

Lethal (click opens iTunes) from Elany Arts is an iPhone app enabled with data of 300 cities or parks throughout the USA, uses location based signals,displaying to you "lethal index" numbers ranging from 0 and 400, with 400 being an extremely dangerous location.

These rankings are based on several factors such as lethal wildlife, crime, disease, and disaster probabilities in each area. The app costs US$1.99 as as an introductory price.

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Motorola hei2a Motorola to Wave ByeBye to More Employees…

Around 4,000 jobs, or about 6 percent of its workforce, is being targeted by Motorola executives, to be cut this year.

Motorola said 3,000 jobs would be eliminated from its handset unit, while another 1,000 jobs would be cut from the rest of the company.

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Hawaii Gets Online Medicine Portal…

American Well 3 610x418 Hawaii Gets Online Medicine Portal…

We all know that technology has definitely changed our lives, and the era of tele and online medicine practicing is just growing. Taking that into mind, the state government of Hawaii has launched an online portal allowing residents to access doctor services at flat rates.

Residents can chat with a doctor over a standard Web browser (IE 7 or Firefox 2) or carry out their visit over the telephone. The portal also supports video technology and live streaming fro patients with Cams.

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google1 1239098c Several Google Announcements, Targeting Closure of Services…

Reports about number of Google services including Dodgeball and Jaiku are being brought into the limelight, that being Google closing down them.

Google acquired Jaiku in late 2007 and it has been seen that the Jaiku takeover hasn’t moved forward since the acquisition. Along with that, Dodgeball, a social software service for mobile phones, is being shutdown as well.

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Appleshares2 610x325 Apple Stock Down to A Record Level Due to Steve’s Announcement…

We all know that Apple CEO and our own tech Elite, Steve Jobs would take a medical leave of absence from the company. But the news was not taken well by the stock market as Apple shares fell 5.7 percent. Apple started at $85.33 a share in morning trading on Wednesday and, closed down to $80.50.

Analyst Michael Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets noted in his research:

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