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image thumb29 Windows Is DOWN With MAC Market Share Rising!!!

Bill Gates should be worried now, as for over a decade Microsoft’s flagship product Windows has been enjoying more than 90% of OS market share. But not anymore, as new stats reveal that Apples MAC OS has taken up some part of pie away from Microsoft.

The major reason was that of lack of interest users showed to purchase Windows Vista, as many had been wanting XP to be installed in their systems, but as Microsoft would be retiring XP’s support in 2009, they didn’t even bother to make purchases at all.

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Chrome’s Plan to further Stab IE

image thumb28 Chromes Plan to further Stab IE

Google is at it again, and this time with a solid plan to defeat IE. In comparison to IE, Chrome, does not have enough browser extensions so to make it much more adaptable for users to use.

The Chrome extensions document, spotlighted Saturday by Google programmer Aaron Boodman puts some light on Google’s plans for taking it’s browser further.

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videod21635cb85d1 BMW now enabled with Microsoft Surface Technology

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facebooklogo Glitches in Member Notification – Facebook and It’s Troubles


The social networking behemoth is again facing issues with its member notification service and this time it’s worse.

As a service, Facebook lets members turn on email notifications, when anyone adds you as a friend, or tag’s your photos or even invites you to event. But here is response I got from facebook.

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Sync your Google Reader to the Desktop

image thumb Sync your Google Reader to the Desktop

Taking offline browsing to the next level for your RSS feeds, Scoop, an Adobe AIR based RIA, allows you to not only read your feeds but have them remain synced to your Google Reader account. (That’s something innovative!!!)

The UI is pretty much clean and easy to use and as far as Removing and tagging items in Scoop in concerned, it automatically sync’s it down with your Reader account as well and also keeps track of multiple Google Reader accounts simultaneously.

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Pixel Qi Attempts to Produce 75 Notebook The Laptop Which Could Run for 20+ Hours – Pixel Qi

Everybody is mobile today and most of us have digital gadgets such as Smartphone’s and laptops, but if travelling on a long journey, battery life for these gadgets is a major issue for us.

Worry not, Pixel Qi, a company founded by OLPC’s ex-CTO, is not only targeting a $75 laptop for poverty struck nations as well as for consumers especially of the 3rd world, but focusing on enabling battery life for these laptops of about 20-40 hours. Yup you heard me right 20-40 hours.

How? It’s all about the screen. Now with the flip of a switch, the color LCD can switch to one that’s monochrome and highly reflective, making it easy to use outside and even more energy efficient.

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EQO – “ Our Road Ahead, Is Closed”

35 05 1   Road Closed web EQO – “ Our Road Ahead, Is Closed”

Techvibes reports that, VOIP startup EQO would finally be posting the sign; “Road Ahead Closed”  in response to the financial crunch. Two months ago, EQO CEO Bill Tam had been optimistic that the company may head towards profitability when he announced 65% job cuts earlier.

Even after raising $13 million the startup wasn’t able to survive and we could see this as a sure sign that the party is over: as information about the management team has been removed from EQO’s About Us page.

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1738101483 43c2a96502 Facebook Connect: Taking Facebook to the Next Level…

Being Open and connected is the norm today. Services like Open-ID, Facebook Connect etc are trying to bring upon users to a single sign in platform for the social web. And today we see that how Facebook’s own platform is ready to expand the user base of the the social networking leader.

Launched in May FB connect enables users to share their profile data and authentication credentials to external Web sites, to share profile photos, names, photo albums, friends, groups, events, and other information The New York Times, highlight’s some of the expansion plans for Facebook Connect.

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image465 Jerry Yang may give tough times to the Next CEO of Yahoo!

Yahoo! Inc., whose shares fell 60 percent since Microsoft Corp.’s $44.5 billion takeover offer, may find the next CEO, but definitely the new boss will have troublesome times with Yang aboard.

Yang stepped down as CEO on Nov. 17 after a troublesome regime at Yahoo!, especially after February he rejected Microsoft’s $31-a-share offer; a 62 percent premium to Yahoo’s price at the time.

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Papervision – Augmented Reality (extended) from Boffswana on Vimeo.

trans Insert 3D Flash characters into your videos using PaperVision Technology.

I always wished that I could add fun fictional characters into my video, so they could be made hilarious for my friends to view. Papervisiont Insert 3D Flash characters into your videos using PaperVision Technology. a software which helps you make 3D paper characters directly embed into a regular Webcam video using nothing more than a paper printout.

See the video and see what I mean. I am sure you will love it.

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