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BrightKite + Facebook = Great Combination

brightkite facebook connect BrightKite + Facebook = Great Combination

Mobile social network Brightkite and its recent integration with Facebook is being considered as a very positive move. The service enables you to be updated whatever your friends are doing without intervening them physically, and also throw your own updates.

Before you can us the service you have to update your account settings. Follow the instructions below…

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Pay-as-you-go Computer – By Microsoft

office prepaid Pay as you go Computer – By Microsoft

Microsoft has filed a patent for a unique simple but powerful business idea, The patent was filed back in 2007, but the U.S. Patent Office published it on Christmas Day 2008

We are unsure if Microsoft goes fully functional implementing this patent but its good that instead of paying for all the hardware and software upfront, the initial purchase price would be subsidized by the manufacturer. Microsoft says it could charge $1.00 per hour for an “office” bundle, $1.25 for gaming, and $0.80 for web browsing.

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image thumb499 New Years Eve – Google Toolbar Pagerank Updates…

Google Toolbar is now showing you updated page ranks as reported by fellow Google employee Matt Cutts.

With the new ranking system in place CNN.com is now part of the elite Google PageRank 10 club while both Twitter.com and WordPress.com domains have climbed to Level 9.

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NewYork Times Sued for $27m

the new york times logo2 NewYork Times Sued for $27m

We all know how political rumors could jeopardize a persons own confidence and destroy careers. Lobbyist Vicki Iseman is mortified at the implication that she might have been cuddling with John McCain. So in response to the NYT saying that she and the Senator had gotten improperly closet NewYork Times Sued for $27m.the lobbyist is claiming $27 million from the New York Times (NYT) for quoting unidentified McCain aides.

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The Hulu report by Comscore

 The Hulu report by Comscore

Hulu, the web video streaming service has reportedly lost almost 6.4% users in about one month.

Comscore has also reported that the company has a 10.8% reduced traffic flow to its main page  as well.

audiolizer sshot dec08 Your iTunes Library now Goes With You   Audiolizer


Tired of the same old music services on the web? Audiolizer is one of the best music services that you could get on the web, and definitely a must try for 2009. Besides streaming music for FREE, one thing I liked about audiolizer was that your could import your iTunes library to Audiolizer, virtually giving you access to it anywhere.

The service is quite good and some unique features such as music discovery are absolutely brilliant. Most of all I loved the User Interface a lot.

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AT&T’s gets YP.com for $3.85m

yp AT&T’s gets YP.com for $3.85m

I wished I had owned the domain YP.com! Today AT&T’s YellowPagest AT&T’s gets YP.com for $3.85m acquired YP.comt AT&T’s gets YP.com for $3.85m from LiveDealt AT&T’s gets YP.com for $3.85m (formerly YP Corp.) for $3.85m in cash.

That’s a lot of money, considering the fact that the domain was only worth half the price it was paid for.

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Microsoft Security Is a Conflict of Interest 2 Microsoft Refutes for Media Player Vulnerability

SecurityFocus’s Bugtraq site highlighted a vulnerability that effects windows users via Microsoft Media Player on Dec 24. The security company said that a remote code execution existed for media  players ranging from version 9-11 for both XP and Vista based PC’s.

But Microsoft denies the reports and said that the results are false, although Microsoft did approve that the application crashes instead of effecting the rest of the system.

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The OLPC Gets John Lennon…

video28cc03ec2e93 The OLPC Gets John Lennon…

Does the word OLPC make you remind something? Yes that’s right the organization trying to equip the world poorest children with cheap laptops for education. Today the OLPC released an advertisement based on Singing Legend John Lennon approving the cause.

In my opinion, being a fan of John Lennon. believe that bringing the dead star back into the scene for such publicity was a cheap act, and also that the ad was to dry.

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image thumb482 iPod Touch Gets a boost in Downloads this Christmas

We all thought that tech gizmo and related apps would not do good this Christmas, but it looks like the iPod Touch had a good Christmas, as App Store downloads on December 25th increased three-fold or more for most titles!!!

According to MacRumors.com, the iPhone was the 2nd most preferred gift item after the iPod touch this Christmas, resulting in more titles being downloaded from the App Store.

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