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Monetize Video – Pixsy

pixsyshot Monetize Video   Pixsy

Pixsy, a startup that specializes in licensing its image and video search platform to other businesses, today launched “Premium Feed” , its new offering that allows publishers to embed clips, and of course monetize them.

But what does Pixsy offer different to publishers? The thing that makes it different it that you can search through video content that already has ads embedded in them. And then earn share of revenues accordingly.

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Microblog Search Unveiled – Twingly…

twingly Microblog Search Unveiled – Twingly…

We are all after micro blogging today, twitter being the most favorite app ever for micro blogging. But search is an area which is still to be exploited within this area. But today Twingly unveiled its new microblog search, as a concept, enabling you to search Twitter, Jaiku and Identi.ca all together.

You could select the service from which you want your results from via checking or un-checking a check box. Also that you can easily get an RSS link for any search and subscribe to it.

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zuora Zuora – Billing and Payments Online (Made Simplified)…


Zuoraa new online billing and payments management startup, is using the power of cloud computing to launch a new product dubbed, Z-commerce.

The Z-commerce suite will contain Z-Billing, enabling you to automate the billing process; Z-Payments, enabling you to integrate your services with PayPal to handle the actual payments; and Z-Force a billing and payment system that integrates withSalesforce.com.

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MusicShare.com Gets a Revamp…


MusicShaket MusicShare.com Gets a Revamp..., an LA-based startup that offers a music and sound effect mixing service for amateurs has revamped its website to bring in more social aspects. If you want to create personalized, professional sounding music using a variety of modules and pattern-combination methods, MusicShake’s desktop application is for you.

The service also enables you to convert mp3’s into different formats and create them as ringtones as well. Along with that you could share the you favorite music lists with your friends as well.

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Cisco Touches the Cloud with AXP…

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 Microsoft to reach the “Skies” next month…

Next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will be the place where Microsoft will be launching its Mobile App store and many other services. Reports state, that the new version of Windows Mobile would be unveiled and some fantastic features such as:

image thumb143 YouTube Gives You The Power to Download Videos   (Limited Videos That Is!) 

Video behemoth, YouTube is now offering direct downloads to some of the videos it has on the site, most importantly including President Barack Obama’s weekly addresses.

While many us must have had used file downloader’s and other methods to rip the videos off the site, this is by far the first time YouTube is giving such functionality officially. But there  is a catch, the new option gives users the ability to download only a full-quality H.264 file.

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Obama Hopeful To keep his Blackberry…

obama3 610x353 Obama Hopeful To keep his Blackberry…

We all know about the Obama-wants-to-keep-his-BLACKBERRY story. But would he really be able to? In an interview with CNN on Friday, President Obama expressed confidence that despite governmental regulations on carrying digital devices, he would be able to keep his “love” with him

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beforeaftercw igoogle Bye Bye – iGoogle Optimized for the iPhone…

Remember the iPhone optimized iGoogle page that was introduced in January 2008, last year? As Reports have surfaced today that the sleek UI has been replaced with the unified mobile format for iGoogle that renders similarly on most mobile browsers, including Google’s own Webkit-based Android browser.

The previous version was sleek and had a single column view for easier navigation.

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Boston Power gets $55m in Funding…

image thumb142 Boston Power gets $55m in Funding…


Boston Power, today landed with a funding of $55 million to expand its market and operations. The maker of eco-friendly, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, is planned to be used as the provider for almost all of HP’s upcoming notebook line.

Reports state, that the companies flagship product,, Sonata batteries, can be charged 1,000 times before their run-time starts to shrink, and can also be charged to 80 percent capacity in a half hour.

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