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2006 0214 china 600 thumb Report estimates China Web users equal to U.S. citizens

On a lighter note, BBC reported that China’s population of Internet users are growing significantly, and have reached to the extent of equaling to the number of U.S. residents. The population of Chinese that surf the Internet is approximately 298 million, though they still have a long way to go in terms of catching up on Web penetration (current: 22.6 percent).

nortel thumb thumb Nortel Networks files for bankruptcy protection

Nortel Networks seems to be the recent company to be seen going down, as the economy doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The telecommunications equipment maker filed for bankruptcy protection, signaling that the company is on the edge, though it still has about $2.6 billion in cash.

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Morten Lund declared bankrupt

lund thumb thumb Morten Lund declared bankrupt

A Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court declared Morten Lund bankrupt after he lost 10M Krona in an investment. Lund would be cursing his move as his investment into the Danish newspaper Nyhedsavisen took him down. The newspaper was reported as shutting down in August 2008, after a deficit of about $100 million, which was seen under the previous owner.

Apparently Lund gave a spirited statement which was translated as:

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blockbuster logo thumb Blockbuster ups competition by announcing video downloads

Blockbuster has an additional feature for its users now – the site is offering video downloads through a partnership with Sonic Solutions. Blockbuster is trying to keep head-to-head rival Netflix and through this announcement hopes to gain more viewership. The move will offer users access to its video library, more than 10,000 movies (for rent and sale) via various portable devices. Blockbuster’s CEO, Jim Keyes stated:

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open macosx thumb Psystar in ongoing legal battle with Apple

Psystar is taking a stand on its claim that when it bought copies of Mac OS X from Apple and resellers, it has the right to do anything with the software. Psystar now claims that through the first-sale doctrine it has the right to sell open computers with Mac OS X presinstalled.

A passage was extracted from Psystar’s court submission last week:

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pradobldg 610x405 thumb View Prado Museum’s art collection with Google Earth

pradomenu 610x405 thumb View Prado Museum’s art collection with Google Earth

pradozoom 610x405 thumb View Prado Museum’s art collection with Google Earth

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office thumb thumb Microsoft testing some more, Office 14 in the news now

As reports came in earlier about Microsoft testing their new version of Exchange, code-named E14, we hear they have another project up their sleeve titled as: Office 14. Here’s what a rep from Microsoft had to say:

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apps thmb thumb An iPhone app developer’s woes

We’ve been hearing about how strict Apple policies are when it comes to letting applications on board its App Store – though this insight on Whack ‘em All changes our stance on that. It so happened that the apps’ developer: James Bossert discovered last week that his game had 400 new users in one day. He got excited and investigated, where he found that only 12 of those users had actually paid (99 cents) for the app on the App Store.

Bossert then emailed the guy who cracked and distributed the game around, known as ‘the pirate’ and ‘most_uniQue’ – who said:

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adobe logo thumb Adobe’s market position destabilizes; ex Yahoo comes aboard

Adobe made it in the news as it saw a market analyst downgrade its stock position from ‘market perform’ to ‘underperform’. Shares went down by $1.66, closing at $22.10. FBR Research analyst David Hilal stated:

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WebLayers Raises $3M Funding

weblayers thumb thumb WebLayers Raises $3M Funding

Developer of automated SOA governance software, WebLayers Inc. raised $3 million in its fourth round of funding. The funding was led by Ascent Venture Partners, Cedar Fund, and Veritas Venture Partners. Also, Jeff Papows was hired as president and CEO of WebLayers. Geoff Oblak, general partner at Ascent Venture Partners stated:

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