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image thumb60 Twitter Runs Past 20 Billion Tweets – What’s Your Share?

20 billion tweets on Twitter and still counting, that is what Twitter has achieved since its inception. The stats have been put forth by GigaTweet and the micromessaging service has added more than five billion tweets in the last two months. Evident enough to show how the activity levels on the service have increased by leaps and bounds.

While GigaTweet can be considered as an unofficial source, Twitter itself had earlier mentioned it’s user base is increasing phenomenally with over 50 million users joining the network daily. I have been a late adopter of Twitter and what I have observed in this duration is that the service has become more than just a shameless marketing tool to something that has more conversations building around it. Plus another thing that accelerated it has been its placement across every site out there [even our blog].

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image thumb59 Suggestions For You: Will Finding Right People To Follow Be Easier With Twitter Update?

And from Facebook the suggestion feature comes to Twitter. The micromessaging service which boasts more than a hundred million users will be assisting its bewildered users finding those they share similar interests with. Titled Suggestions for You, Twitter ensures that the feature is as personal to you as it can be.

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image thumb57 Google Preparing To Release New Features On Gmail?

Looks like there are a few updates ready to be introduced by Google for Gmail. According to the Google Systems blog, the internal build for Google’s email service has quite a lot of new features that have been spotted. Those that have already been in tests for quite some time now.

Once these changes are introduced, users will be able to see links to Mail, Contacts and Tasks just below the logo of Gmail along side a button taking place of the text link for composing an email message. Other notable changes include:

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image thumb56 Lighted Mirror Transform Your iPhone 4 Into A Pocket Mirror

I guess the Snow White and the seven dwarfs were to be written in modern times and the old mean witch happened to use the iPhone, she would have gone about saying this:

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image thumb55 Compiling Public Data Isn’t Hacking: Facebook’s Strategy Exposes Public Information of 100 Million Users

I was up talking to a friend a couple of days on how writing about Facebook was the biggest pain in life and the adverse psychological problems it got me into. But you can’t help not talking about it, given that the third of everyone online is on the social network. Plus Facebook has more to do with simply connecting people, its more to do with their lifestyles and their privacy, which is the biggest concern.

I had been reading about the latest turn of events on Facebook about Ron Bowes making user data publically available. That data was of over 100 million users who are a part of the social network. But before I proceed let me state that Ron Bowes is not a hacker in my opinion. Why? Well

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image thumb49 Facebook Integrates A Pointless Change: Divides Updates Into Status, Ask A Question, Photos And Links

In its latest frenzy to personalize and get more popular with its users, Facebook has finally rolled out Questions. What good is it? Primarily worth nothing, simply gives a new word or phrase to the status updates and ensures maximum user participation, the idea simply put is about divide and better engage users of the social network.

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image thumb48 Amazon Introduces A Smaller, Faster And Cheaper Version Of Its eBook Reader: Kindle With WiFi

The future of books lies in ebook readers one reason why so many players are stepping in the arena of rolling out devices to read and publish books to. Amazon started it off with its Kindle, Apple has taken it to the next level with the iPad and the battle continues. It will now be for more compact, yet powerful devices and Kindle has already got itself a sleeker, faster and a much better version of the ebook reader.

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image thumb46 Beware The Shocking Video Bug Sucking Up On Facebook Users!

Bug, scam go away

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image thumb44 Why You Need To Read The iPad Publishing Book? Because iPad Is The Future Of Books

When you talk about Apple, and more importantly the wide range of computing devices it has to offer you aren’t just confined to traditional computing. I mean writing codes, editing, playing games or even browsing; anything to do with Apple eventually become a way of life. It revolutionized music with the iPod, the mobile genre with its iPhone and now the next step ahead with their iPad. All these products have almost everything to offer the users out there and while the price me be significantly higher than other similar devices but the products are worth every penny you pay.

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image thumb43 Zynga Growing Strong, Eyes To Become The Google OF Games

We will be Google or maybe “We are Google”, such statements coming Mark Pincus, the CEO of Zynga won’t surprise me now and they won’t surprise me in the future. The social game developer has been more than just successful in the past one year. If I am not wrong, it has grown as exponentially as the social network, Facebook bagging in funds in bulk and pocketing revenue from foreign investors, the major being DST from Russia.

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