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image thumb88 Rank Meme: Twitter Based Startup Helps You Make Informed Decisions About Products

It has been ages when I last wrote about a Twitter based product. Of course counting the mobile apps and the most recent coverage on the Official Twitter App for Windows Phone 7. Here today I will be talking about Rank Meme, a Twitter based product ranking system.

So what is it about? First up, we are all aware of how the Internet is helping everyone make informed decisions based on the massive amount of information it has on almost everything you want to know about. Rank Meme does exactly the same by keeping you updated on market trends for numerous products in various categories. To cut it short, if you are into Mobile Phones and wondering what is the best smartphone to spend your money on then head over to Rank Meme and you might see the most voted for mobile phone with maximum tweets.

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image thumb87 How To Activate FaceTime On iPhone 4 In Un Supported Countries! Needs A Jailbreak

For those of you with an iPhone 4 and left stranded for not being able to use the FaceTime feature since it is not supported, here’s a good news. Cydia has got a hack that will enable you to use FaceTime at will provided you have a Jailbroken iPhone. This would appeal more to our readers in the Middle East region.

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image thumb86 Facebook Mobile Coming Out Next Week? Expect Anything At The Facebook Mobile Event On November 3 [But Please Not Another Smartphone!]

Facebook Mobile might be in the making! If this rumor is by any means true, I guess it is decided that every big firm is following the donkey path out there. Apple made it big with its iOS devices in the form of the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Google extended further from being the Web giant to taking over the mobile scene with its Android Platform, Microsoft too getting their butt kicked to totally revamp their Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7,. bringing in a much refined product. Oh and I almost forgot the Android Tablet to compete the iPad, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook and what not.

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image thumb85 And Here Is The Google Nexus Two By Samsung!

It as only yesterday that we reported the rumors of the upcoming Google Nexus Two from Samsung and today Gizmodo, as always confirmed the Android 3.0, Gingerbread based smartphone from Samsung. Many might be thinking why Google didn’t go with HTC? Much like it did with the Nexus One, but honestly speaking, Samsung’s Galaxy S’ had done remarkably well with its powerful hardware, leaving little doubt as to why Google opted for Samsung.

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image thumb84 Windows Phone 7 Gets The Official Twitter App!

Windows Phone 7 users are all set to embrace the Official Twitter App for their WP7 based smartphones making it the first and most comprehensive client of the micromessaging service for Windows Phone 7. And from I can make from the features listed it appears impressive.

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image thumb83 Samsung To Announce Google Nexus Two On November 8 In New York City, As Rumors Put It

I bet quite a lot of you must have used the Google Nexus One? Rumors are growing strong on the Google Nexus Two which is reported to be announced next month on November 8. And here’s shocker, the Android based smartphone will not be manufactured by the seasoned HTC, which leaves Samsung to be the one managing the hardware bit.

The rumor has the backing of many reliable sources to make it believable. In my opinion the move was pretty obvious primarily because of the much appreciated Samsung Galaxy S which alone sold over 5 million of its devices. The reason for such a massive success was the Galaxy S’ extremely powerful hardware [though I seriously hate Samsung phones]. Coming over to the device specifications, the Nexus Two will have:

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image thumb82 When Is The White iPhone 4 Coming? Never! As Apple Removes It From Online Store

There must have been quite a many of you who must have gone to the online Apple Store to see when is the White iPhone 4 ready to be on sale? Or when is Apple taking the orders? I bet we have been kept in dilemma over the White iPhone 4 since Steve Jobs actually took the stage and announced the fourth generation of the iPhone. Delay, delay and more delays before news finally breaks that the very image of the White iPhone 4 has been taken off the online Apple Store.

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image thumb81 iOS 4.2 On iPad Jailbroken Using Sn0wbreeze!

We had reported earlier about the coming of the latest Sn0breeze jailbreak tool a few days back and it appears that folks behind Sn0wbreezehave already jailbroken iOS 4.2 for the iPad. Sn0wbreeze utilizes the Limera1n exploit to jailbreak iOS versions.

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image thumb80 The PlayStation Phone: On Android 3.0 Gingerbread, Hope For Android Phones To Be Great Gaming Devices

Shiver me timbers! Does anyone recall the rumors about the Sony PlayStation Phone coming soon? Well it appears Engadget has got hold of a device that reportedly looks like the Sony Ericsson’s long awaited PlayStation Phone. And my first words, it appear super Ugly!

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image thumb79 First iOS 4.1 Security Flaw And Now FaceTime For Mac Has Security Issues Too! I Guess Screwed Is The New Apple!

Flaw is the new in for Steve Jobs’ Apple products. We have seen it happening since the release of the iPhone 4 and the over reporting of the Antennagate issue. We witnessed the year starting with security flaw that had the iPhone 4 making its way to the bloggers all the way to recent one in the iOS 4.1 that enables users to make calls and have access to photos and contacts on your device, which Apple has promised to fix with the release of iOS 4.2 in November.

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