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image thumb82 Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak Might Be A Cydia Package

With developers there is no believing what they might come up with or not. I have been following a few posts from our new blogger, mohsin especially in connection to the untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak. Some updates are that Comex has indeed turned down the chances of the untethered jailbreak coming out this Christmas. However there is some hope even now.

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image thumb80 Opinion: Why Nokia Partnership With Microsoft Prove Beneficial For Nokia

There has been quite a stir about Nokia being in talks with the likes of Google in connection to the Android platform. Nokia has of course turned down any possibility of this Android Nokia marriage ever happening. But to the contrary, I believe such a move would only prove beneficial for Nokia in the long run. Of course Android is not the only option. This brings us to the recent news on Nokia in talks with Microsoft, not surprising at all as the two have been in talks now for a couple of months.

We can of course turn this down as a plain rumor for Nokia is adamant at building up on its own OS. There are plans for 2011 and we can expect revamped software and the hardware alike. But just in case Nokia has any plans of extending partnership with Microsoft, it will be quite an interesting move. We have our reasons for this, primarily the fact that Windows Phone 7 recently crossed a 1.5 million unit sale, which shows that the OS in itself is not a risky option to power Nokia devices with.

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image thumb77 Microsoft Sells 1.5 Million Windows Phone 7, That’s Not So Bad After All!

There is quite a Microsoft stir lately, we missed talking about the recent 4 million Kinect units being sold, numbers which outsold the Nintendo Wii since its launch. The folks at Microsoft were however quite on the sales of the Windows Phone 7. To be honest I was thinking that the device had turned out to be a failure. The case isn’t so.

Microsoft’s Achim Berg stated in a press release that Microsoft sold over 1.5 million devices since its launch in the Europe in October and the US launch in November. The numbers, according to him are quite ahead of the expectations. at least for the first two months of launch. I for one would honestly side with his opinion given that only 40,000 Windows Phone 7 devices were sold on the launch day. But that’s past.

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image thumb74 Google’s Holiday Gift: Free Gmail Calls Throughout 2011!

If you thought Christmas and holiday gifts were all about the iPhone and the jailbreak tools think again. Google has given us a mega gift on this Christmas that will be with us, well till Christmas next.

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image thumb72 Infographic: Google VS Facebook, What Social IDs Are People Using To Signup?

I use my Twitter ID to signup on numerous sites that enable me to sign up with a social profile. I guess its quite a norm as nobody wants to spend time signing up for these sites and remembering another UserID or Password. Well that’s problematic for me at least.

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image thumb70 Nexus One And HTC HD2 get a Taste of Gingerbread as well!

Google only recently started stirring its Android fans with the official release of Android 2.3, more popularly known as Gingerbread starting from Nexus S. There has been haste in the developer community who only yesterday succeeded in porting Gingerbread to Samsung Galaxy S. That wasn’t it and it appears the Android has been kind enough to let the Nexus One have the latest version ported on to it.

Somehow this latest Android to previous Android porting sounds clichéd already. Folks at XDA have given us something more to cheer about, especially those with the outdated, Windows Mobile 6.5 by porting bits and pieces of Gingerbread to HTC HD2. Yes, the latest release of Android will and definitely can power your WM 6.5 HD2.

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image thumb69 How To Root Google Nexus S On Android Gingerbread

Is there anything that is impossible or undoable for the developers/hackers? I bet not! Give them anything new and the first thing they would want to do is modify or alter it to be in total command. Nexus S is no exception and some of those smart folks have already Rooted the Nexus S on Gingerbread.

In case you aren’t aware, Rooting your Android based device lets you play around and overclock your CPU, flash desired ROMS, get rid of the lousy Carrier loaded apps, etc. I did that on my HTC Desire and it looks better now and even more smarter folks have done this with the latest, Nexus S.

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The Cheapest iPad: iNotePad

image thumb64 The Cheapest iPad: iNotePad

Ever wondered what to buy when you you can’t afford the Apple iPad? Especially those who would rather not buy a tablet at all if it isn’t the iPad? Don’t guess too long as there is something that you can buy for cheap without switching to any other Android, WebOS or PlayBook tablet.

The iNotePad is the next generation of the famed iPad is a must buy. Why? Because the iNotePad:

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image thumb62 Honeycomb Will Be Android Version 2.4 Not 3.0 [Rumor]

Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread has blessed numerous Android based devices and we have been a bit confused on what the next version is going to be. I initially thought that Google would readily let go of the 2.x version after Froyo and that the next update would be 3.x. Wrong I was and I might just be wrong for the next update too.

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image thumb61 Delicious Is Not Shutting Down, Definitely Looking For Life Outside Yahoo!

Alright enough with the rumors on Delicious having the plugged pulled out by Yahoo! The people at Delicious have stepped out of the den and using the blog to pluck any suspicion about this happening. Relax loyal Delicious users, the service is here to stay.

Rumors started rolling out yesterday when there claims of Yahoo! selling off Delicious just because it serves no purpose at Yahoo. Agreed but that doesn’t mean Delicious itself is a service destined to be doomed. The folks at Delicious are however looking forward for a way to create a less Yahoo! dependant firm and we might very well hear a new plan sometime soon.

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