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ss100809pakistan04.ss full IBM Capable Of Predicting Floods 100 Hours In Advance

Floods have been devastating recently. Especially the ones last year in Pakistan that flooded an area that was larger than many European countries combined. Many lives were lost that could have been saved, had there been a flood forecast. Early warning systems can prove to be absolutely essential, especially in densely populated regions where whatever time that can be bought saves as many lives.

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apple ipod touch How To Jailbreak iPhone, iPad On iOS 5 Beta With Sn0wbreeze

While it has been quite some time since the release of the iOS 5 Beta, we had been a bit lagging in terms of sharing  tips and guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch using the numerous Jailbreak tools. We just needed time to share the right steps for our readers.

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image thumb36 iPhone With 4G LTE Hints Found In iOS 5–We Doubt Its Coming Before 2012 Though

Remember us reporting about AT&T VP hinting at the iPhone 5, we thought he was just bluffing but it appears it’s not the case. There have been more hints at what could be the coming of the 4G LTE iPhone. Now call it the iPhone 4S or whatever but we are sniffing a growing interest of Apple beyond 3G.

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image thumb33 Startup Sunday: Gangaroo–Because Friends Dont Let Friends Buy JunkHave you found a great product lately that you’re just dying to tell your friends about?  Or, do you need help picking out a new product?  Gangaroo is a fun site where you share and discover your favorite products with your trusted friends; whether it’s your favorite iPhone apps, sporting goods or cooking tools. We all have friends that are experts in something.  Think of your buddy that’s a camera expert.  Gangaroo lets you leverage your friends’ experiences when you need the information and you want advice from a trusted expert.  As a bonus, if your friend happens to have some cool products lying around, you may be able to borrow or buy something for a good price. Read More »

image thumb32 iPhone 5 Rumors Get A Plus 1 As AT&T VP Hints At Busy Month Ahead

While a blog in China, a fake video of what could probably be the HiPhone 5 may be all false rumors in connection to the iPhone 5. But a man of authority, like the VP of AT&T stating that the upcoming few weeks are going to be busy for the carrier adds a lot of weight to all the rumors. More importantly it helps narrow down the date range for the release of the iPhone 5.

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image thumb31 HP Murders The WebOS! Goodbye HP Touchpad

The worst that can happen for a die hard fan of any product is open your Google Reader and find out that your beloved product is about to be killed. While this applies to many scenarios, this time it is for the HP fans. Now before I come over to the news, a flashback.

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image thumb29 hiphone Or iPhone 5 Leaks Continue To Hint At iPhone 5 Release

Report me as a sold out Apple blogger for now, but I can’t help writing about all the latest iPhone 5 rumors. I feel sick of being so very obsessed with Apple but that’s just me. Yesterday we reported that we will definitely not be seeing the next generation of the iPad, the iPad 3 as the lack of availability of the high resolution screens for the iPad 3. However rumors associated to the iPhone 5 and images of its parts continue to spring from left, right and center.

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image thumb27 iPad 3 Not Coming As iPhone 5 Parts Continue To Surface

While we had been hearing news or rumors to be precise that Apple has lost its mind and will be releasing the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 in October, things seem to have been washed off as the iPad 3 seems to have been delayed. The reason being the lack of screens for the next generation of the iPad. We are talking about the lack of the quality that Retina Display brought forth in the iPhone 4, with this not available by vendors [as per our reports, SHARP being the only one capable to produce these]. To cut the long story short, the iPad 3 is not coming till 2012 next year.

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image thumb26 Creating a Website? What To Know Before Opting For A Web Hosting Service

One of the major problems that many people who plan to have an online presence have that of finding the right Web Hosting Service for their website, portal or a blog. Now there is a plethora of services providing you these service packaged to best suit your needs, but it is you who needs to understand what exactly you want from these and how do you intend to leverage the same. Factors like cost of hosting, storage, security, etc are but a few of the many features you look forward to.

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image thumb25 Google Acquires Motorola, Why Exactly?

Riddled by the recent happenings of Microsoft firing ferociously at it, Google for some odd reason appears to be on wobbly grounds. The entire issue from this to the Google Plus saga paints quite a different picture that we usually see about Google. Not that controversies and a few hiccups here and there are new to Google, but the search giant has never really been on the defensive. Not until now.

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