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viddlerlogo Viddler introduces 15s Twitter Videos Messaging Service Viddler, a video hosting service, is going to launch a new video service called 15s. The idea is to create a specific length of micro-video-messages such as 15s or under to entertain users and to facilitate them with some interesting stuff.

Viddler’s new service allows you to create videos of 15s with a webcam or you can even upload a video clip on Viddler and tag it with ‘15seconds’. You can access the record of all videos in your Viddler video stream and the most interesting thing is, all videos will be instantly sent to your Twitter account. So your friends can enjoy short and sweet video messages from you in a real time.

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Tweet your Digg(s) with TwiggIt

twiggitlogo thumb Tweet your Digg(s) with TwiggIt People who are twitter addicted and consider it as one of the best microblogging service that connects all international friends at one platform, and at the same time admire Digg as the best source that provides useful and popular news from all over the world will definitely  love a ‘mash up’ that would tie up these two well known services into a single stunningly useful tool. TwiggIt do the same.

Twiggit is a deftly tool that automatically tweets your every digg on twitter making it dead simple to share your all digg(s) with your followers on twitter. By providing some core information about your twitter and digg account you would be set to enjoy this fascinating and user friendly service.

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joostlogo Joost Becomes more Social, Turns into the Browser Based Player Joost, a startup that allows users to watch free video content on the web, has now enabled its video streams on the browser-based player and is going to stop making desktop clients. Based on the Internet Protocol television (IPTV) the service was incubated last year with great expectations and aims. Though all the hype it created was badly slapped by public’s criticism that includes service execution ( as it was a typical desktop client), bandwidth limitations and limited content.

Joost new announcement of shifting towards the web browser is supposed to be the much awaited feature. According to GigaOm, the web version will allow users to to view content right on their web browsers with a small plug-in that would be gabbing files using the P2P technologies by embedding itself into the browser. The service is also making a video based social network that improves your interactivity level by allowing you to share your content with your friends.

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timelopelogo thumb (Sort + Share) Browser History with Timelope  A Firefox plug in Timelope is an amazing Firefox plug-in that allows you to share your browsing history with anyone while keeping an eye on it. The deftly plug-in gives you a chance to sort out your browser history and instantly share it with whom you like to. Or you can also peep into others’ history if they want you to follow them.

Timelope provides an easy way to cater social addicted people needs, who think their browsing habits is worth sharing and loves the way people follow them. With a single plug-in installation, you can easily adopt the social networking trait of sharing useful links without actually copy pasting them.

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twittetiselogo Twittertise: Advertise your Brands with Tweets Twittertise is a newly incubated startup that allows twitter users to advertise and track the success of their ‘branded communications’ with customers. The service can be excellently  described as a marketing platform, where you can easily advertise about your brands and even track the analytics and hits to know how popular your brand is.

The service allows users to create and schedule an advertisement tweet that would be containing a message with a specific URL. And once your mini campaign in the form of tweet goes online, you can keep an eye on its stats and traffic sources such as how many peoples click on your link or from which web pages your traffic is coming.

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greensenglogo thumb Greenseng: Conserve Energy with a Green and Clean Search Engine Mother Earth ecosystem is badly disrupt by an excessive use of carbon generated products and an abusive use of fossil fuels and aero-sprays . The dispensable human acts have largely contributed to the global warming and an abrupt change in the climate. We can save our earth from being deprived by avoiding such kind of products that plays a vital role in raising the global temperature. If you want to be a part of this eloquent purpose and wants to play a major role in saving the mother earth from being ruined than try Greenseng Search Engine.

The Greenseng Search engine is a truly green standard search engine, that pulls data from the Search Giant, Google to provide search results. The idea behind this humanitarian site is to eradicate the ‘carbon emissions’ produced by our servers, whenever we logged in. It means that you can genuinely work for the welfare of your place by simply using Greenseng for your queries.

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runcomlogo Runcom Technologies Ltd. raises $10 million in Series C Runcom Technologies Ltd, a leading technology developer of silicon solutions, has raised $10 million in third round of funding led by TLcom Capital.

The Israel based technology company pioneers OFDMA technology and offers silicon products and solutions for User Terminals and Base Stations that comply with the IEEE802.16e-2005 standard for WiBro and Mobile WiMAX applications. Runcom is an initiator of various  Base Station products and the funding will help it to preserve its leading market share in one of the most popular Broadband Wireless market.

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wrapmaillogo thumb1 Wrap your Company into an Email with WrapMail An organization is a pyramid based on various tangible and intangible layers such as staff, technology, equipments, rules and regulations. While Business-correspondence is  an important facet of a business model as communication plays a vital role to run a firm. The most ever green Internet app ‘email’ is considered as an easy and portable solution to communicate with insiders and outsiders. Therefore, if you are running an organization and wants to spice up your email with your company’s page and info than WrapMail will surely going to help you.

WrapMail provides an innovative solution of wrapping your official email with your company’s homepage. It serves as a  marketing tool that allows you to send customized emails that contains a dynamic, interactive letterhead with a link to your website. With WrapMail, you don’t have to worry about the marketing issues as it makes every employee a marketer.

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howsociablelogo thumb Checkout your brand Visibility with HowSociable The world is full of optimistic and curious people, who keeps on hunting for new things. If you have made something of your own, than a tool that will help you in measuring its importance will be a boon to you. Here comes HowSociable. The site allows you to check the popularity of your brand or website among the social networks.

With the most simple and entertaining concept, HowSociable provides you with a simple way to measure your brand’s visibility on the social web. Based on 22 metrics, the site gives you an idea as how many people are talking about you, or are interested in visiting your site or a blog. If you have just launched your own website or have started a new blog and wants to keep an eye on your reputation, than HowSociable will certainly help you.

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logo thumb Webcarzz Inc., a developer and publisher of multiplayer online games, raises $4 million Webcarzz Inc, a California based multi-player online game developer and publisher, raised $4million in Series A funding. The round was led by Meakem Becker Venture Capital, the firm that helps entrepreneurs to build successful and leading organizations. 

Incubated in 2007, the site is dedicated to make a multi-player online game that would be based on the idea of promoting social activities without any restriction of fixed game’s rules and skill level judgments. The aim is to provide an environment where users can virtually meet and greet each other during the game play.

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