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Google Lively is going Lifeless

livelypage thumb1 Google Lively is going Lifeless

Google launched its Virtual World ‘Lively’ last month with a hope of exploring new ways in the Web traits. With an abrupt growth in the number of 3D worlds, it was expected that the Internet Giant will definitely make the mark by attracting millions of users and fans. But the report by Economist reveals that it has flopped badly and despite of ‘Google’ name and fame in the Internet niche, it was unable to achieve public confidence and sizable User base like its competitors such as Second Life and Vivaty.

Google Lively was expected to be of great potential. It doesn’t require any kind of complex software installations like World of Warcraft and is simple and efficient to bring life to the Virtual World. It only needs a plug-in installation to get started and thus users can enter any of the available 3- D chat rooms. The whole idea seems to revolved around the ‘simplicity’ of the Virtual world product. But the current statistics and surveys shows that peoples are highly disliking it and its dump with the negative comments and reviews.

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googleanalytics adsenselogo thumb Google Analytics to show AdSense Click Tracking Data People who are using Google AdSense in their websites always try to keep a track of visitor clicks performance for ads.If you are in search of an algo or a service that provides you with a measurable report on the AdSense performance of every single page of your website than Google Analytics will soon foster your need.

You would be able to track visitor’s click on your Google AdSense with Google Analytics reports. According to Digital Inspiration the program has entered Beta phase and it was posted on Google Cache.

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wlmlogo Windows Live Video Messages  Record and Share 2minutes Video emails Windows Live has recently introduced a new service that allows you to share Video Messages for free with your friends, families and co-workers. All you need is a Webcam for you computer and you can easily record to send emails.

You can access the video messages service here, though it’s in MS pipeline and is expected to be out officially in the second week of September.

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Google Maps is one of the most popular Maps service in the world. With its real time updates, it has won public’s confidence and most of the services prefer embedding Google Maps to add dimension in their apps. Similar is the case with Maplandia and The Breaking News Maps. Both have integrated Google Maps to provide a constant stream of breaking news that makes News stories more visual and appealing. Similarly it also enhances the map surfing making it more interesting and thought provoking.

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joongelpage2 thumb Enjoy Search Results from Multiple Search Engines with Joongel  ‘A Marvel Search Plug in’ Do you like to aggregate search results from multiple search engines by running a single query but never go for it as it is really time consuming and a hectic process to open a new window each and every time and to write a search query. Than Joongel is surely going to help you. Joongel comprises of a set of search plug-ins that allows its users to have a search results of a same search query from different search engines.

Joongel is currently working on 10 cool search plug-ins that includes images, shopping, reference, health, videos. social, torrents, gossip, cooking and Q&A. While it pulls out search results from some popular search engines like Google, Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube, Technorati, Yahoo Answers ,CNN and the list go on.

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 iphone nike thumb iTunes + Google Maps + Performance Graphs + a lot more marvel features = Nike iPhone App With an arrival of a freshly baked Apple product, iPhone, millions of people are looking forward to use it and hence millions of companies are getting addicted to create iPhone apps. While Summer games are also on their peak and its a right time to feature and release an iPhone app designed for Sports and Work out sessions. And it seems like Nike is moving in the same direction to serve the best in the right time.

News for Nike iPhone interface was roaming around since last few days and finally it is about to come out of its shell according to a French site that has recently unveiled some screen shots of the interface.

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tpbpage1 The Pirate Bay turns into The Beijing Bay !

The Pirate Bay is stuck in yet another legal issue. This time the mighty Torrent service isn’t facing bad time by any ‘fascist country’ but has been slapped by Huge Summer games event i-e International Olympics Committee. IOC is forcing TPB to take down the Olympics Torrents from its website and should also preclude sharing Olympics closing Ceremonies.

According to Torrentfreak, IOC wants to stop the primarily clips of Olympics opening ceremonies. In this regard, the committee has contacted The press secretory of the Minister of Justice (Sweden) to have some preventive measures to shutdown the Olympics Torrent. The story reveals that the committee has also inquired about the legal situation of a matter for further proceeding.

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usniffpage thumb Sniff out the Most Popular BitTorrent Sites with ‘Usniff’

With an immense growth in the BitTorrent’s sites, there is also an abrupt increase in the search engines that are indexing these sites. Usniff is the latest arrival to join the amaranthine spirit of serving BitTorrent sites. Its a meta-search engine exclusively designed to search the leading BitTorrent sites in a real time.

Usniff is currently supporting 5 sites namely The Pirate Bay, Mininova, isoHunt, BitTorrent and Monova. Its a flexible dedicated BitTorrent search engine that has genuinely carved a way to provide a real, fast time search results with a fascinating UI. Search results are sorted according to upload date, torrent name, file size, search engine, peers and seeds.

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sportsfanlivepage thumb SportsFanLive  Facebook for all Exhilarated Sports Fans Hundreds of websites are dedicated to Sports News and Events. Online Sports channel such as Fox Sports, ESPN, Yahoo Sports provides same general sports news as who is in and what’s going on. Ever thought of visiting a site that would be running on the public poll and will bring some crispy and crunchy sports news on the basis of votes collected from you and your friends than SportsFanLive is the right site for you.

As the name depicts, the site is dedicated to all the sports fans and keep itself alive with their reviews and votes. Thus instead of focusing on the most heating up news of the moment, it concentrate on the public views and aggregate them to serve up to the mark. Users can easily re-define the News spots and headings by telling about their likes and dislikes about team, player or  game.

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zoho olympicspage thumb Go live with Zoho Beijing Olympics 2008 Dashboard Beijing Olympics 2008  is one of the most discussed event nowadays. Every one has caught its fever and is trying to have a scoop of it by re-defining their services. People are carving ways to stay tuned with the events’ latest trends and many of the services like Google, YouTube, Lego, Veetle, BitTorrent are joining the amaranthine race of fostering latest Olympics Highlights and News. Zoho, an online office suite provider, is yet another service to join the Olympics wagon.

Zoho has built a Live Olympics 2008 Dashboard that will keep on updating all sports fans with the latest trends of the games. The dashboard will serve as a concrete platform where you can have wholesome information about Olympics’ competition via charts, diagrams, reports and graphs. Folks at Zoho would be generating periodic reports and results through Zoho DB while the Live dashboard is created using Zoho Wiki.

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