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tpb law thumb1 Sweden Book Publishers Violates The Pirate Bay’s Usage Policy; an illegitimate attack on TPB Database

the pirate bay logo thumb Sweden Book Publishers Violates The Pirate Bay’s Usage Policy; an illegitimate attack on TPB DatabaseWidespread of book piracy is noted in Sweden according to the analysis-based report submitted by the Swedish book publishers organization. The organization says that the act of copyright infringement is quiet devastating as it is adversely effecting the income growth of booksellers. But the most astonishing part of the story is, the Sweden publishers illegally used The Pirate Bay’s database that is actually violating BitTorrent’s privacy law.

The publisher’s organization is claiming in its report that 85% of the best-selling books in Sweden are available on The Pirate Bay. They had coded a specialized tool to scrape TPB database for book titles. Apparently publishers’ claims and frustration does make sense but their technique to gather data illegally by giving a lame excuse about the unavailability of ready-made tools is highly inappreciable and TPB has full rights to take action against such kind of acts. Co-founder Peter Sunde wrote on his blog that it is done for commercial purpose:

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lastfmlogo thumb Last.fm Updated its iPhone App: Improved UI, Tagging system and Back end features Last.fm has recently updated its iPhone application to enhance the user experience. Though the app at App Store reviews is currently rated at three starts which is quiet low as compare to its competitor Pandora app that has been rated five stars, but the new changes are highly appreciable and will surely help the company to improve its rating.


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Create Speaking E-cards with VoxCards

voxcardslogo thumb Create Speaking E cards with VoxCards Greeting cards helps you convey messages in short and memorable form. Cards can be cherished forever and greatly speaks the aesthetic sense of the sender. Good artwork, bunch of flowers or a cuddling teddy bear in the greeting card along with nice, thought-provoking messages play a vital role in expressing your feelings. But imagine creating your own card; with VoxCards you can.

VoxCards lets you make a customized alluring e-card by embedding your own voice in stunningly simple way. Just choose an image from an array of themes, add some text to your card by altering fonts and applying different colours and record your greeting. Voila! you are done. The most interesting feature is the facility to add your own voice without and hardware equipment. Users can call the specified number and follow the instructions to record their voice. Its simple, eloquent and interesting.

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encalclogo thumb Encalc: Smart Online Scientific Calculator As summers are over and students are going back to schools, Encalc, an online scientific calculator is the right arrival. This nifty web-calculating tool lets you solve all your scientific and mathematical calculations in few clicks. It supports parenthesis and scientific formula along with the unit conversations and dimensional analysis.

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google translatelogo thumb Google Translate Added 11 more Languages Google Translate has added 11 new languages to boost the user experience. It now supports 35 languages that can be used to translate text between any combination of languages. The list of recently added languages are:


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FoodTube is YouTube for Food Recipes

foodtubelogo thumb FoodTube is YouTube for Food Recipes If you love to experiment different food recipes created by random people or wants to share your food-making video with the rest of the world than FoodTube is surely going to help you. The site has combined Social Networking with Search capabilities to promote food recipes videos.

Users can post their own videos by tagging them with an appropriate category or post their profile pages with Gadgets that are still in Beta phase. Various groups are created to discuss a specific topic while the forums allows you to interact and share your video/experience with other members. You can randomly search the video of cuisine or pertinent your search with the help of ingredients and type. It lets user create their own page where they can upload different videos from YouTube and personal files, add friends and facebook application or even write posts on their auto-created blog.

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prohmotelogo thumb Prohmote: Easily Create and Promote Events Prohmote is a Google App Engine experiment that lets you name and promote your event quickly and easily. The online planner is exclusively designed to help you advertise your event in a stunningly easy way without any cumbersome registration or login process. All you have to provide is the event credentials and Prohmote will do the rest for you.

Users can create an event by providing Venue, event’s description and the date and time of the particular activity/event. It also requires a valid email id to inform you about the concern changes or to contact you. The one page Prohmote is simple, eloquent and free. It would help people to manage guests lists and share events with their friends effectively.  It can also be used to advertise events such as educational seminars or workshops. Marketers can also use it as a deftly tool to advertise the demo event of their product.

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Funny Gmail Error Messages

gmaillogo thumb Funny Gmail Error Messages When you are searching for something or logging into your account error messages like ‘session time out’ or ‘unable to reach destination’ are quiet common. But Gmail displays you some interesting, funny and unique error messages such as:


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googletoolbar logo thumb Enjoy Google Toolbar 5 for your Firefox Browser Google Toolbar 5 that was already available for Microsoft Internet Explorer is now out for Mozilla’s Firefox users. The toolbar offers similar set of features—synchronized settings, integration with Google Notebook, support for Google gadgets and Multiple profiles for AutoFill. Google toolbar is and has been a great help to users who use multiple computers as it helps them to maintain or centralized their savings such as Bookmarks and Notes are always save in the Google account. This lets you access the same toolbar from every machine as you would be saving your settings online.

gtoolbar thumb Enjoy Google Toolbar 5 for your Firefox Browser

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yahoologo Yahoo Purchases Site for Nebraska Data Center Yahoo is strategically working to improve its business and stable its position. In this extension the company has purchased a building for Tender Heart Treasures in La Vista, Nebraska for $14.8 million. Yahoo will use this property as a major data center project that includes a three-story office area with a warehouse and will start its working most probably in the next year as Tender Heart Treasures will vacate the building and relocate in January.

The Boyd Company recently regards Omaha as one of the most affordable US cities (with annual operating expense of $12.9) to operate a data center and in order to compete with its neighbour New York City that costs double charges, Nebraska has been developing incentive programs to attract investors and companies. DataCenter Knowledge is reporting that Yahoo also applied for tax incentive under Nebraska Super Advantage program, which requires:

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