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OODesk: Your Virtual Desktop

oodesksplash thumb OODesk: Your Virtual Desktop

logoodesk thumb OODesk: Your Virtual Desktop Having access to my work from anywhere is certainly an alluring prospect to be sure, but only being able to access this work from within a virtual, web-based operating system does seem rather limiting, should I wish to access the data in a more robust application. The OOSDesk, an online office ergonomics that offers its users a software needed to create documents, listen to music, chat with his friends and many more with a free authorized access from any type of aircraft equipped with a web browser.

OODesk really took the interface at heart and has developed a lot of great practices and applications that are not away from the users. After a quick registration, you can go directly to your online space where you can use your documents etc. as if they are on your computer. OODesk is equipped with pre-installed applications that allow you to perform your daily tasks like spreadsheet, text editor, webmail etcetera.

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image thumb195 Slinkset: Create your own social news site

slinksetlogo thumb Slinkset: Create your own social news site If you want to create your own social web site, where you can share news, reviews and other links so check out Slinkset. Slinkset allows you to build and customize social news sites with a minimal effort and technical know-how. At a first glance, It looks like little more than a Reddit clone with a few extra features.

Slinkset give you the user complete ownership of your site, therefore giving you the ability to build the type of community you want. You can also check out the hosted version of the site created for Startup Meme readers. The difference here is that, unlike Reddit or Digg, Slinkset isn’t looking to become a destination site. Instead, it is allowing users to create their own “Reddits” without any coding. As of now, it is offering free hosting services but has got plans to charge a fixed fee in future.

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quotesdaddyheader thumb You quote with QuotesDaddy.com

“Three things tell a man: his eyes, his friends and his favorite quotes”, said, QuotesDaddy

Everyone is proficient in something, whether it’s negotiation, gaming, poker or dating, people have some sort of wisdom, humor or views that can be shared around the globe. QuotesDaddy.com is now offering users the ability to learn and become an author or an expert on just about any topic by writing their own words of wisdom, insights and sensible remarks as quotes to this website.

QuotesDaddy was initially launched as the largest online library of famous quotes, featuring over 1,000,000 quotes from different well known personalities throughout history, two months back. Now, they have opened their site for all the users to sign up and submit their own quotes. These user generated quotes are the reason to infuse this site with fresh ideas and new content.

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footbo Footbo: A social soccer network with a goal

footbologo thumb Footbo: A social soccer network with a goalFootbo is a social network for footballs fans, or as they called in the U.S. soccer fans. Footbo is intuitive enough and easy to sift through. It’s interface is quite  simple and has all of the fun, logical features a fan would want. It allows you to prominently advertise the logos and photos of your favorite teams and players and do a lot of things within the ground.

As the user joins the Footbo community, they gain a modified football experience by selecting their favorite teams and players. A personalized home page is then created for him. After that, user can take part in the community, blog, share photos and videos, create and join fan clubs and groups, plan events etcetera.

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Access your life with Humyo

humyointerface thumb Access your life with Humyo

humyologo thumb Access your life with Humyo Just like death and taxes are unavoidable, the reality is that your computer’s hard drive will crash one day is quite obvious. According to the computer industry’s statistics the average percentage of disks failures are much higher than the manufacturer’s estimate. The recovery cost talks to the sky and even then success is never guaranteed.

All those things that can’t be replaced need to be backed up and now it’s easier than ever to backup using CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, external hard drives and increasingly gaining popularity, online backup services.

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involver thumb Involver brings interactive video widget for advertisements

Most of the people are now sick of static ads and that’s why they are reeling people in videos, feeds, and other integrated ways. Hence, replacing those sick ads with interactive ones. Involver actually replaces the banner ads with an interactive video widget that can be fully customized by the brand.

Involver is one of the start points for any marketer planning to create a video campaign for social networks. Involver allows you to build, launch promote, manage and monitor video campaigns that reach millions of social networking users with the greatest opportunity to convert viewers into customers.

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sightix thumb Sightix offers Social Search

sightixl thumb Sightix offers Social Search Today, users are interested in searching for the social entities that created the best means of engaging them. But the problem is with social networking sites, how can they able to provide the ability to return relevant search results for their users? Google, The Search Giant is no doubt great for searching the pages but still unable to search inside a social network.

Sightix is the next step in the evolution of search. It provides the appropriate and focused results based on the user’s social circle that includes his friends and relationships. Sightix basically searches the content of everyone you are connected with, and rank results gleaned from each user based on the strength of their connection to you.

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evri thumb Evri: Search Less   Understand MoreEvri, a website which was launched in a private beta last week uses a semantic engine in order to help users discover related information. Evri is not a search engine but infact it helps you in finding related information by analyzing text to determine relationships between specific terms.

evri creature thumb Evri: Search Less   Understand MoreIn its early stages, Evri only sorts within a limited set of results and possible search terms, based on what it considers to be the most popular terms and people. For example, a search for Bill Gates would yield a visual graph likning him to the Microsoft Corporation, his wife, children and other colleagues, along with the concise summary of his background. This approach of starting with only the most popular terms is evocative of Mohalo. Unlike the human-powered search engine Mohalo, Evri completely relies on its algorithms to create connections between people, products, events etcetera.

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swurlogo thumb Swurl brings social networking togetherIf you’ve ever used a microblogging tool like Tumblr then Swurl will not be alien for you. Swurl is a platform that automatically brings all of your social networking activities together into a blog format. Perhaps, its best feature is the timeline view, that presents all your desired contents in an organized calendar view.

Besides the timeline view, Swurl also allows you to customize your activities in a blog-type format. If you don’t want to send the URL to your FriendFeed page to your classmate, then you may send her to a Swurl page instead.

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Be Creative with Sumopaint

logo thumb Be Creative with SumopaintImage editing has become a necessity for tech-savvy now a days. Perhaps when you’re out of station for vacation and don’t feel like lugging your laptop along with you. But at least, you’re taking pictures. So you can now crop out yourself from a bunch of your friends and paste it on some social networks and even do more advanced image editing for free with Sumopaint.

Sumopaint, a flex based photoshop gives you an opportunity to create, open and edit images online through its powerful tools with web browser.

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