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Most iPhone 4S users are still waiting for a jailbreak for their device. It is more than a month now since iPhone 4S was officially released and still there is no news about Jailbreak availability. I believe the iPhone 4S users would still have to wait for some more time to get a tethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S.

120 How to Create Custom Shortcuts on iPhone Without Jailbreak

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Are you exhausted with typing long names, words and sentences and thinking how to generate shortcuts of text? Fortunately, one of the new characteristics of iOS 5 is capable to do that. Such as, instead of typing the complete sentence “On my way” you just need to type “omw” and iPhone will automatically change this short form to its actual full expression.

iOS text shortcut1 How To Create Text Shortcuts in iOS 5

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image thumb59 Facebook, Twitter influences upto 28% of online buying decisions comScore’s is reporting that nearly $16 billion has been spent online during the first 36 days of the Nov-Dec holiday season, an increase of about 3% from the same time last year. In addition to announcing the online buying stats, comScore has also disclosed the results of its social media survey.

comScore conducted a survey on Dec 4-7, 2009 to find out the influence of social media in online buying. 28% respondents indicated that social media has influenced their purchases, well we already had an idea that social media does yields a lot of influence, it is really surprising to know that the figures are so high.

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image thumb57 NBC turns to Facebook to promote the return of Chuck

NBC has launched a Facebook based game Mission: Chuck Me Out, to promote the return of Chuck, an action-comedy TV series aired on NBC. Fans get to promote Chuck in return for points. The fan with the most points by the start of March 2010, would get to have a brief appearance in the mental flashes of Chuck in one of the episodes.

President of NBC entertainment marketing, Adam Stotsky, while talking to The Warp said:

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image thumb56 How to become an overnight facebook celebrity – attack a serving Premier

Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are not just avenues of social interaction, but have become playgrounds for expressing political expression, rallying around social and welfare causes and other social issues. Massimo Tartaglia, the person who threw a statuette at Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has become a Facebook sensation overnight.

Tartaglia who threw a replica of Milan’s cathedral  is being held overnight by Milan police and has been charged with grievous bodily harm. The attack that left Berlusconi with a bloodied face, has received uniform condemnation from Italian press.

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image thumb53 Facebook introduces enhanced privacy options for every bit of information you share

Facebook has introduced a new set of privacy options with its Publisher tool, i.e. the box at the top of your profile which you use to post content and status updates, links, photos and videos. Now users can choose and audience for every nugget of content that they share online, right at the very moment when they are sharing it.

The possible options provided by the publisher are:

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image thumb46 Chase Financial Services Use Facebook to Crowd Source Philanthropic Decision Making

Chase Financial Services, started a community giveaway campaign on Facebook, some three weeks back. As part of the campaign, Chase would be giving away $5 million to charities. Facebook users get to vote for their favorite charities in the first round till midnight today. The top 100 charities as determined by user votes would get $25,000, and a chance to get an additional $1 million in the second round.

The Charity give away has been designed as a Facebook application. The app currently has around 1.7 million active users. Chase might have used advertising  or some other mechanisms to attract the users. The community app, has also been developed by Context Optional.

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image thumb36 Country Story: Gaming Concepts, Tips and Tricks

Country Story is a relatively new Facebook game from Playfish. The game was released in August and is similar to Zynga’s FarmVille, as the game requires you to take on the role of a country guy who works hard to build his farm.

Country Story has all the niceties that FarmVille threw at you, however in addition to that there are some extras, such as the need to water your crops, the ability to fertilize the crops, the need to build up your stamina.

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image thumb91 Play Hard Sports raises $8 million for Sports based MMO Games

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image thumb74 China’s Blogger Population exceeds 50 million mark

China which already boosts world’s largest population of internet users, now has more than 50 million bloggers, according to Xinhua news agency – which in turn was quoting figures from the Internet Society of China. The Internet Society claims that there are more than 100 million blogs in the country, meaning that many people maintain more than one blog. The explosion in unregulated media and information outlets is hampering government’s efforts to clamp down and restrict information access and dissemination to the population in the conservative country.