102508 0406 attnaoluser1 Attn AOL users: Save your data on Pictures/XDrive/BlueString before it’s too late!We had earlier reported that AOL had grown concerned over the weight its services added to it and had decided to lose some with plans of shutting down services. Well the decision to officially announce the closure has made its way out to the public, after months of wait.

According to reports, AOL would begin informing its consumers about pulling the shutters down on three of their services. The voice is set to be ringing within a week and the services waving goodbye include, AOL Pictures, BlueString and XDrive.

Users still have time to get their valuable data from Pictures and XDrive. Pictures is set to go off by December and users can transfer their images to American Greetings PhotoWorks, or to their hard drive. AOL also offers users to buy out a DVD of their archived images. While those having their data at XDrive and BlueString will switch off by the end of December.

I think AOL has taken it to be their task of keeping consumers on the edge. Taking so long to announce the obvious is pretty irresponsible; of course they are giving time to them to save their data. Registered users will start seeing email notifications soon and will have to retrieve data that after the shut down will be permanently deleted. So if you are an XDrive/BlueString/Pictures user read less and save your precious images and files!

For those of you looking out for alternate online storage services: You can try Box.net and Drop.io, Box.net also has an iPhone App to make accessing your data easy.