image thumb32 AT&T And Apple Take A Slap As 114,000 iPad Users’ Data Gets Leaked. Thanks AT&T

Today more than 114,000 iPad users had their information leaked user data. Looks like the year 2010 has some sort of happening for Apple. I am not talking about the good side, for example selling more than 2 million iPads in less than two months or the great iPhone being revealed officially to the world at the WWDC. I am talking about the bad things so far, first there was the ugly leak of the iPhone4G by Gizmodo, then the perfection of the WWDC broken as the WiFi failed right when its CEO, Steve Jobs demonstrated the browsing in the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 [HD].

The issue can be due to the flaw within the devices as well as the carrier, AT&T. A group of hackers, Goatse Security found a vulnerability as they made a Guinea Pig out of the AT&T website, exposing information about hundreds of thousands of users. The attack revealed user email addresses as well as IDs with which each one of them authenticates their accounts at the network. If the flaw was this big, I bet the number of victims might include all of iPad users.

I am not sure how this shapes up, but Apple is definitely going to reflect at what has happened in the last couple of months. With the least that can be done is rethinking about continuing with AT&T.

via Gawker