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Ever wished to be your own PC product designer? You having the power to customize your own PC, with features sets you always dreamed of? Well here is a community initiative taken by Intel and Asus which will enable a global conversation about the ideal elements of PCs. Visitors to the site can share ideas, vote on submitted concepts and engage in discussions with other community members about the qualities of the "dream" PC.

Intel believes the spark for innovation can come from anywhere, That’s why Intel is working with ASUS to tap into the creative energy of consumers as they share ideas on designing their ideal PC. Intel is committed to encouraging conversations with consumers and giving people a voice in the design of technology they use every day, said Mike Hoefflinger, general manager of Intel’s Partner Marketing Group.

ASUS and Intel have created in an effort to bridge innovation and technology with consumers’ wishes.ASUS strives to provide the best user experience with our products. By empowering users to play a role in the design process, we expect to deliver cutting-edge community-designed products that address a consumer vision of the dream PC, said Lillian Lin, director of ASUS’ Marketing Planning Division.

The community will be divided into three conversation groups, addressing three of the most popular consumer PC categories: netbooks, notebooks and gaming notebooks. Users can jot down their ideas, collaborate, state positives and negatives of ideas from other users via giving them thumbs up or thumbs down.And hence forward participating users can also win “GOODIES” in reward to their contribution.

This initiative could really harness the productivity giving it a name of the first Social PC builder initiative. I hope my wishes come true of a “Water Proof Laptop”.

What do you think, is this project worth enough to be Called “BRILLIANT” or not…