ask logo AskCity Launches Major Usability Enhancements to Local Search
Ask´s local search offering AskCity has released a revolutionary usability enhancement in local search. The new tools enables users to specify their search area by drawing an arbitrary line or shape on the map. This is localized search using an extremely usable interface.

A typical local search asks the user to enter the zip code or street name as a central point along which the search for points of interests would be conducted. Users have the choice to limit the search 3,5, or 10 miles of along the radius of this central point. In case you are at the edge of a zip code or wants to search on the edge of a large street, you will most likely be disappointed by the results. However with the new feature the latitude and longitude of the search area is determined entirely by the user graphical, thus eliminating the problems mentioned above.

A very nice and radical improvement by the AskCity team, keep up with the experiments. Also see Nial Kennedy´s take on this.
askcitytarget AskCity Launches Major Usability Enhancements to Local Search