image thumb16 As Release Of iPhone 5 Comes Closer More Images Surface

Wow, that is all I can say after seeing what could be the next iPhone 5 in the images shared by Macrumors a day back. Its different, looks more appealing, large and the screen for once is bigger that the tiny ones on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and all previous generations of the iPhone. Call me being over excited or something but if this happens to be the design for the next iPhone release, I am definitely buying one.

The specifications for the release have already been shared in our previous blog posts at Startup Meme and if you have been following them you will see that the latest images match the descriptions to a large extent and of course the previously leaked images of the iPhone 5. The edge to edge display, the screen in the proximity of 4+ inches and that un-Apple-ish home button which is a now oval in shape instead of the round one that made it look like a crater created by an Asteroid impact [pardon me but I dislike that the most]. The device also has a resemblance to the iPad 2, especially the back, however the exact design is as yet, just a rumor.

Based on Macrumors description you can expect the iPhone 5 release to be slightly more slimmer than what had been previously expected. As for the confirmation, well like all of our respected readers, we will have to wait till Apple officially announce the release of iPhone 5.

image thumb17 As Release Of iPhone 5 Comes Closer More Images Surface

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Macrumors via TNW