As iPhone 5 Release Date Approaches, More iPhone 5 Cases Surface

You got to give in to these rumors and keep searching Google for the latest updates on the entire iPhone saga. The next generation tipped to succeed the iPhone 4 is set to be in the limelight in October. Which is a mere few weeks from today. The iPhone 5 has garnered a lot of following, which isn’t surprising for any Apple product.

The recent round of rumors are more pictorial as images of the cases for the iPhone 5 surfaces. From the photos the iPhone 5 looks thinner, larger and ready to pounce an attack on. The casing reminds me of a shrunken iPad 2, which I think has a fabulous design.

iphone5casewide As iPhone 5 Release Date Approaches, More iPhone 5 Cases Surface

How much truth there is to the rumors is to be seen in October. I think with all the recent happenings in the form of Steve Jobs resigning as the Apple CEO, the news of another iPhone prototype being lost in a bar are all but the age old PR bits from Apple. Lets wait and see how much of the confusion is cleared.

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