artwitter logo ArTwitter, the Twitter in ArabicMicro-blogging provides you a way to update your activity, tell your friends about upcoming plans or write anything you feel like in a small post that consists of 140 to 150 words. This may be the reason micro-blogging has gained a lot of popularity in the past some time. Different micro-blogs such as Pownce, Plurk and several others have come up, but the one which has gained most popularity among the users was Twitter. It has an international user base which means that clients are from various language backgrounds.

There are a number of Arab users on Twitter but there are a lot more which don’t use the service due to the barrier of language. Twitter supports languages which are from left to write (English, Spanish, etc) and not right to left (Arabic). This is why ArTwitter came into being. It is simply Twitter in the Arabic language.

There are not to much options available right now but that can be understood as the site is currently in the beta state. The interface is very simple and resembles with Twitter a lot. The startup is using the API of Twitter. Right now you can post, see your following’s messages, reply them, forward their tweet and watch your replies. According to StartupArabia, options such as searching a tweet and user timeline are missing but they will hopefully be included in the coming days. If the site gets popular quickly then they might have to add some other features as well.

If the ArTwitter team keeps on maintaining the site, it certainly is going to get popular as the number of Arabic internet users is huge. Lets hope they adds some cool features soon.

artwitter homepage ArTwitter, the Twitter in Arabic

Source: The Inquisitr