micrsosoft ie8logo thumb Are the website ready to take on Internet Explorer 8 beta 2? With Microsoft keen at keeping their efforts consistent at promoting interoperability over the web, it plans at releasing the new Internet Explorer.

The Internet Explorer 8 renders the content in a very compliant way, keeping the Web standards as the top priority. This allows the developers and designers with a simple idea of “write once and run anywhere”. All this helps muster more time to spend on innovation rather wasting it over modification of content over different browsers.

So the developers are in for something that has bugged them in the past Explorer releases.

This might sound all too easy but there are chances of a drawback. That using the default settings may cause the content written for previous versions to be displayed differently. Triggering already, the site owners must make sure that all the content based on older versions continues to display as it was meant to in the version. Some problems that might occur have already been resolved; like introducing the meta-tab in the new version that helps it to maintain backward compatibility with the last version.

With the new release not far behind Microsoft voices its principles that underline the basis of the aims that they have set in recognition of the ever increasing Internet population.

According to interoperability principles, Microsoft plans at providing;

Open connections to Microsoft that provide connectivity between Microsoft and non-Microsoft products (which include Open APIs, Access and protocols).

To provide interoperability for the wide variety of products including extensions and broad compatibility within the products, along with all this there are certain other features and idea it want to implement.

With the name that says a lot, and the browser developers fighting tooth and nail to win the internet crowd. Microsoft’s new explorer might just be something that makes its fans happy.

micrsosoft ie8 thumb Are the website ready to take on Internet Explorer 8 beta 2?