image thumb35 Are More People Searching Google On How To Quit Facebook?

Many of us are troubled with the privacy settings of Facebook and many more are just ready to pack up and call it a day with the social network. Despite all the guides and tips on customizing the settings to maximize your security; users still have complains. I agree with users’ woes that it is very confusing to follow the changes on the social network, but little did I know that the dissatisfaction is so high that many would actually want to Google how to delete their account.

Presently if you simply type How to do I, Google suggests you how to delete your Facebook account at number 7. The only top searches are queries that include ‘how do I get a passport’ and ‘how do I find my IP Address’. That’s not it, if you would take some pain and type Delete the top recommendation is ‘delete Facebook account’. Now I have no clue as to how many people are trying to search for ways to delete their accounts.

image thumb36 Are More People Searching Google On How To Quit Facebook?

Could This Be Google’s Way To Make People Quit Facebook?

I am just being skeptical and there is nothing of the sort happening. But if you just think of it, the speculation isn’t that odd. Google literally owns search on the Web and it might just utilize that position to get people quit the social network [well at least make them aware that they can get rid of Facebook]. The graph below speaks quite a lot about the rising trend:

image thumb37 Are More People Searching Google On How To Quit Facebook?

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