image thumb147 Apple’s Tim Cook, the best choice after Steve Jobs

With concerns within the Apple circles over who will take over in case Steve Jobs is hit with an illness and decides to leave his CEO position; eyes are set at Tim Cook, Apple’s COO. There may very well be no replacement for the wizard Steve Jobs is, He means so much to Apple that just a rumor of his health fading off has Apple’s stock crumbling down. And even in Tim’s own words:

Come on, replace Steve? No. He’s irreplaceable. That’s something people have to get over. I see Steve there with gray hair in his 70s, long after I’m retired.

On the contrary, whatever he may have to say, Tim is the most obvious choice once Steve hangs up his boots as the CEO. The man is known for his attitude and willingness to achieve success with his determination and like I said, he may never be Steve Jobs for Apple or for the rest of the world, but he definitely is the best choice Apple has.