image thumb105 Apple’s Leaked iPhone 4G Costs Gizmodo $5,000, A Police Raid, 4 Computers And 2 Servers [Legal Issue]

This is breaking indeed! After Gizmodo got its hands on the next generation of the iPhone for $5,000 and had Apple falling head over heels with its age old reputation of keeping its devices/gadgets a top secret, the story takes a nasty turn. Jason Chen, the editor at Gizmodo had his house raided by the Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team in California to follow the investigation over how the phone got to them and more importantly why they wont hand it over to Apple.

As per reports, the raid team confiscated 2 servers and 4 computers from Chen’s house. You can read more about it at Gizmodo. I wonder what follows next? And more importantly what’s the point of Apple getting this far? Of course if Apple has proofs that Gizmodo actually paid the guy to lose the phone [impossibly wild speculation].