image thumb55 Apple’s Back To The Mac Event Turns All Rumors True: 7 Billion Downloads on App Store, Mac OS X10.7 And The MacBook Air 11.6!

No matter how much Steve Jobs has started to whine and cry over things like blaming other smartphones over Death Grip issues and slashing other mobile operating systems in the likes of Android, BlackBerry, etc, he has a lot to boast about. The 7 Billion downloads on from the App Store.

Today is the Back to the Mac event and the very first thing to begin it was this announcement. What makes it even bigger is that it wasn’t long time back when the App Store crossed the 2 billion mark serving applications for the various iOS devices in the likes of the iPhone 2, iPhone3 / 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and the iPad. The event has just started and already things have been good. Some of the announcements include:

The Mac App Store: which will serve as the app store for the Mac OS X devices. This is just like the App Store we have for the iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

The Mac OS X10.7 Lion: As rumored already, Steve Jobs announced the latest version of the OS X for the Mac and as anticipated it is nick named Lion. Users can now enjoy the same experience of installing apps on the MacBooks, etc just like they do with the iPad apps.

The MacBook Air: Yes, the rumor is true to the very release of the latest MacBook Air. The reports are that the MacBook Air is just like your iPad, albeit more powerful. It has built in flash storage and a much needed longer battery life.

That’s it for now and we will return with more on the Back to the Mac Event.

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