image thumb133 Apple working on its own iBook? a Possible iPhone+iPod Touch and Mac hybrid?

Apple would not step down and wrestle in the market of netbooks. Why? The obvious reason being its habit to stay ahead of every one, both in terms of gadgets and price tags. Current reports suggests that Apple may be working on something that’s a hybrid of the iPod Touch, iPhone and its Mac systems. Apart from that Apple has in its armory the multitouch and virtual keyboards concept that have proven to be popular beyond expectation in the market. So what I see is Apple making a larger iPhone/iPod Touch selling at a price three times the cost of current iPhones. Plus news s also circulating that vendors in Taiwan (Wintek) are readying themselves to supply touch panels for the devices that might be shipped towards the end of this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one and hope it isn’t turned down at the last moment labeled as a rumor.