image thumb2 Apple TV Gets A Jailbreak Via SHAtter

Apple can’t put a hold a on all those jailbreaks happening on the number all its devices. From the iPhone to iPod Touch and the iPad, you name it and the developer community is almost instantly out with a jailbreak. I guess the only way for Apple to put a halt on jailbreaks is to stop rolling out any new device or updates to its iOS.

The latest to get a jailbreak is the newly released Apple TV. MuscleNerd managed to succeed in jailbreaking the Apple TV using the SHAtter exploit but it’s still not the final thing. We aren’t aware when we will get the final release from the respectable developer community for the public. But lest be sure that it is definitely coming. What makes it more believable is the fact that a recent teardown of the Apple TC revealed that it is very similar to the Apple iPad.

Here’s the video:

The problem is that the team is not yet able to figure out how to run apps on this jailbroken device. But I trust these developers to pull off an answer to our question: Will the Apple TV run iOS apps?

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