hackintosh thumb Apple to sue Wired for posting a video

Brian Chen, the tech publisher for Wired, has revealed that Apple is suing him because he posted a video which showed how to get Mac OS X running on a Netbook. The video is not available on Wired’s blog anymore. Gizmodo spotted Chen’s Twitter message which says, just found out Apple is suing Wired for my video tutorial on hacking netbooks to run Mac OS X.

According to CNET News:

Apple has appeared to gently tolerate the “Hackintosh” community that sprung up after the company decided to adopt Intel’s x86 processors for the Mac, so long as the project didn’t advance much beyond science fair mode. But it has shown a clear interest in protecting its licensing agreements for Mac OS X this year, through its legal battle against Psystar, a clone maker selling generic desktop PCs with Mac OS X preinstalled.