image thumb39 Apple To Halt The iMacs; Should We Anticipate A New iMac Soon?

Apple lovers and especially those who heart the iMac should know that Apple is rumored to halt supplies of the all–in-one desktop computer. According to sources, Apple has told several distributors in the region to no expect new shipments/stocks of the 21.5 inch iMacs.

I am not sure why Apple has done so, one reason could be the continual fallout in sales of the desktop computers as well as the arrival of more powerful MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and even the Mac Minis. Interestingly enough, Apple announced the release of the new Mac Minis with HDMI support that will be sold for around $699 a piece. Other than that Apple might actually be looking forward to overhaul its line of the iMacs totally, this could include a more powerful device, perhaps with a touchscreen.

I might be speculating here, but that’s how it is with Apple all the way.