image thumb27 Apple To Bring The iPad In Nine More Countries, Coming Friday

I have been reading about Apple ever since the famed controversy over the lost iPhone 4, the raids, etc and the release of the iPad which, not surprisingly has created ripples around the globe. The device has sold over 80 million devices in a little over 3 months since its release and there is no stopping it. Today Apple announced that it will be releasing the iPad in another nine countries coming Friday.

The iPad lovers in New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Austria, Hong Kong, Mexico, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium will be able to purchase the device directly from Apple’s retail stores in their respective countries. Although Apple had been selling the devices to customers outside the United States since May, putting the devices directly at local stores would make life easier for the clients who have to either ask their friends, relatives to bring the device for them or pay extra price to get it delivered. The iPad has a lot to offer to customers with over 11,000 iPad Apps already swarming the App Store added to the many for the iPhone that can run on the device as well.

I am eager to learn the numbers when Apple releases its second quarter reports. If it is keeping up with its existing rate of sales I bet they must have crossed over 4 million sales. By the way, how many of you expect Apple to do a special giveaway of the iPads, at least in the nine countries?