image thumb12 Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X

For those of you who into video editing and worship Apple’s popular video editing software, Final Cut Pro, here’s some fresh update. The software will be getting a new version named Final Cut Pro X, which I hope arrives in our office as well so we can rid ourselves of the ancient FCP 7.

Final Cut Pro X will be the first 64 bit version of the software and will be fully capable of utilizing 8 cores and require more than 4GB of RAM. The latest version was revealed at an event that took place in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcasters.

The latest version comes bundled with more powerful features. Some of those include advanced shot and people detection, range based keywords that would enable editors to add keywords to selected portions of the video and automatic audio cleanup. The latest release will also resolve the issue with the audio video syncing and math color of two different clips.

Final Cut Pro X will be available for $299 at the Mac App Store.

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