image thumb115 Apple Purchases Siri: Your Personal Virtual Assistant
Siri a mobile application that takes instructions from users as voice commands has been acquired by Apple. The acquisition is worth $200 million and is a part of Apple’s strategy to bag smaller startups and more importantly innovative ideas and applications. More importantly, the purpose here is to grab a startup, patent the mechanism to its own name and buy out competition.

The voice command bit is pretty interesting and will be very popular amongst the masses, especially given the fact that in many regions you would be given tickets by the police if you are using the phone while driving. Think of it, having Siri on your iPhone to talk, make phone calls, access iTunes, make purchases from the App Store just by voice commands. Simplifies a lot of issues and ensures you are protected and not engulfed in sliding menus while driving.

While you can’t really say that for now, Sirri having integration with Apple’s Store and iTunes, but be sure it is bound to happen very soon.

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