Digitimes and Foxconn are creating a stir in the Tech world with some major announcements. Both the factories are reported to be readying iPads 2 which are to be ready within the next 3 months. 100 days to be precise.

image thumb38 Apple iPad 2 Coming In February 2011!

If this is true by any means we will be having the current version of the Apple iPad being succeeded by iPad 2 in April or March at the latest. Rumors also have it that Foxconn is readying close to 600,000 pieces of the new Apple tablet. So should we expect big announcement by mid January about the iPad 2? I am more inclined towards the thought of the device being announced at the CES event on January 4. Lets see what happens.

The iPad 2 will have a front facing camera and will be more like the iPhone 4 in look and feel. Of course the size would be larger, maybe around 7 inches, just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Android. Though I doubt Apple would cut down the size for any reason [TC].

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