For those of you in wait for the iPad 2, the next generation of the Apple tablet will be available on Friday, 5PM local time. The device was announced last week in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts and I bet it is bound to beat the sales records of its ancestor, the iPad.

image thumb4 Apple iPad 2 Available On Friday, March 11

The iPad 2 will feature a Dual Core CPU, a more powerful graphics chip and a thinner and more lighter model. It will also have both the front facing and a rear camera meaning that users will be able to fully utilize services like FaceTime, Skype on their device to make voice calls. But this in particular would be a winner; the iPad 2 will be available in White color!

I recall so many folks being die hard fans of owning a white iPhone, that Apple had huge issues releasing but gladly enough iPad 2 will not be marred by similar complains. What I am keen at seeing here is how well this fares in the market, the sales it does upon the initial release and how does it disrupt the market for other competitors, aka the Android tablets.

We will be all eyes on this in the coming days so stay tuned.

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