Lets not make it sound clichéd by stating the obvious that a big brand has a giveaway planned this Christmas, Apple is one of them. Well at least the UK customers can feel lucky as Apple is going for a number 12 giveaway.

image thumb53 Apple Christmas Giveaway of 12 Free Downloads For 12 Days!

You heard me right. Customers in the United Kingdom will be able to avail 12 free downloads for a total of 12 days starting December 26, 2010 till January 6, 2011. This is for all of you with iTunes and all set to download free movies, music videos, books, apps and TV episodes to their favorite Apple device. These downloads will however be available for 24 hours only during each of the 12 giveaway days.

The giveaway goes live on Sunday, December 26 and I am envying all the customers in the UK. Wonder if any similar giveaway is coming to those in the US and customers worldwide.

Users will soon be having the the official iPhone app for the 12 Days of Christmas available for download at the App Store.

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via RP