image thumb7 Apple Announces The Super Nano: iPod Nano With Touch

I run, I work out, I cycle and doing all that with an iPod or with my mobile device playing music is a bit difficult. I am always cautious about dropping the device and suffering a major loss. There are cheaper, smaller MP3 players but I am game for a quality product. Appears Apple has just got the right product for us all with the new iPod Nano, exactly as had been predicted earlier today.

The new iPod Nano is nano to its very design, squarer, with dimensions shrunk by 46% and the weight reduced by half. It will boast a touch screen, which is a super great addition, primarily because the size is so small. The sad news is that Apple has removed the camera, which the last version had, but then it was larger and heavier.

The device is gesture based and runs on the iOS 4, giving it a super slick interface that is equally easy to use. The device will be available in storage capacity of the 4Gb and 8GB priced at $149 and $179 respectively. The battery life promises to last for 24 hours and we are just wondering if it would run videos? Definitely has FM radio and support for the Nike+ Sports. In my opinion it’s worth your cash if all you own is an iPhone and a small ready to clip music device is what you need, oh not to forget with an Apple branding.