image thumb44 Another Sad Facebook Story: Young Teacher Commits Suicide, Thanks To Her Ex Boyfriend

Here is another bizarre news associated to Facebook. A old school teacher, Emma Jones committed suicide because her ex boyfriend put indecent photos of her on the social network. Emma was 24 years old and was a Greenwich University graduate. She was presently teaching 8 year old kids in an International School in Abu Dhabi.

Emma committed suicide by drinking poisonous cleaning fluid when she found that her ex boyfriend had put her photos on the social networking site. She was overtaken by fear and thought she would be charged of prostitution after a person working in the IT department of the school had also seen those pictures. Her fear was partly justified given that she was living in a strict Muslim country and more importantly she had been entrusted with job to teach young kids.

We aren’t sure what prompted her ex to actually go about doing such an act but one can imagine that it must have been a regular story; both partners not getting along with each other. Emma’s mother, MRs. Rowlands also reported the same that the two weren’t getting along. I am not sure why she didn’t try to leave the country and was afraid that she would be thrown in jail, she could have at least filed a case and tried to prove her innocence. I mean you can’t really take all the blame if someone else screws up with you. The investigation however reported something different as Emma had her passport in her pocket and her clothes were out to be packed most probably.

However sad this might be, I just hope this was the last of such horrendous incident. It is sad, but has become a very integral part of activity on Facebook and related to it.

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