image thumb150 Another Impressive Google Experiment: Arcade Fire Brings Music To HTML 5

What would future music videos be like?  We have got applications that continue to get better, browsers that continue to get more powerful and online video channels to make your record get viral instantly. Lets keep business out for an instant and head over to the power of HTML 5. Fret not, I am not going to talk about the coding, etc, just a video created specifically for the browser.

Today Google announced the release of The Wilderness Downtown a project create by Chris Milk in collaboration with the band Arcade Fire and Google and feature’s Arcade Fire’s title We used To Wait. So what’s worth taking about with this? The entire video runs within a browser and gives viewers a personal experience. How? Simply open the The Wilderness Downtown link on your Google Chrome browser and upon being prompted enter the address of your childhood home. The experiment, as it is called would utilize the latest in Web technologies like the HTML 5 and Google Maps, integrated drawing tools and run the video in multiple browser screens.

If Google has the data on your location, it will leave you nostalgic and missing the old times. Anyways, the point is, the experiment shows the power of the HTML 5 and how the newer tools cater to a larger audience and even more purposes. Impressive by all means.

Via Google Blog