image thumb Animoto Making Sure You Have The Best Holiday With Custom Greeting Videos

It has been helping users create custom slideshows with their photos, videos and music, Animoto is bringing something for the holiday season. With this new platform users will be able to create greeting cards, etc with its ready to use themes. The working is no rocket science whatsoever, simply upload images, videos, and music from the collection accompanied by text and you are displayed an equally appealing video. This utilizes the same concept as those applied in editing of television content and these are initially free for the beginner 30 second clips, while full length videos cost you $3. A fair deal to say the least as it offers you the best product for the price.

The success of the startup can be gauged by how it has grown since its launch couple of years back with release of timely new features. The startup recently raised a healthy $4.4 Million in Series B. I wish it best of luck and I bet there is plenty of more success that awaits it, provided it continues to roll out features and improvements such as this.