image thumb49 Andy Rubin The Android Chief Gives Steve Jobs A Slashing Taste Of His Own Medicine

Steve Jobs has all of a sudden got a big mouth. Not that he wasn’t already, but that was only to do with his product and going loud on the quality of each was quite justified. But I guess the genius took a serious offence when his iPhone fans reported of the Antennagate issue and their disgust as to why such imperfection would come from Apple? He had all the reasons, even brought smartphones from Samsung, HTC and Nokia and demonstrated how each one of them has the same issue and was readily slashed for it. Today he took his chance at slashing the Android, BlackBerry PlayBook and all the upcoming tablets. And he got a reply, from a very silent man of Android, its chief, Andy Rubin.

Rubin blessed his Twitter followers with his first tweet. It wasn’t slashing, it wasn’t pointing flaws with Apple, iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad, it was simply a hint at defining Steve what Open or closed is. His tweet:

the definition of open: “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make”

Speaks a lot. If you are interested in learning what the Repo and Git tasks are I would recommend you head over to the Android Open Source Project to learn about it. Steve Jobs isn’t on Twitter and chances are high that Apple’s SVP, Scott Forstall might start his score on Twitter with his first tweet to respond to Andy Rubin. Though I doubt that is happening by al means.

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