image thumb77 Android Market now Offering 100,000 Apps, Still Quite A Distance To Compete The App Store

The Android Market has just crossed the 100,000 App mark. That’s just what came in as a message on Twitter from the AndroidDev as he shared the Google Mobile OS surpassing a major milestone. I bet the Apple fans are going to jump in with comments slurring that this is no thing compared to what the App Store has to offer and an equally large number of apps for the jailbroken devices. But that’s not the argument for this post.

Google only recently expanded the territories of the Android Market by extending it to over 20 countries. 20 countries plus and an open sourced mobile OS is all you need to attract the brainy developers out there to add more apps, be they utilities or games to the market. The Android only recently took over market shares from the Apple iPhone in the US and it continues to expand exponentially. And while the apps for the iOS based devices might be thrice as many as those n the Android Market [around 280,000 Apps], I can see that the number will be crossed easily in the next year.

What is your opinion on this? Do you use Android powered sets or the iOS powered iPhone? Share your opinion in the comments.

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via Mashable