image thumb53 And Welcome Thelonius: WordPress 3.0

Welcome WordPress 3.0, the thirteenth release of WordPress. Need I mention that it is the most popular software that almost everyone on the Web uses? The latest release has taken an effort spread over 6 months of hard work and contribution from more than 218 people. You can easily update your existing version to 3.0 from your current WordPress dashboard or downloaded.

So what’s new in this WordPress 3.0? It has quite a lot of features to offer users some of those include:

  • Better Menu management
  • Custom post types
  • A default twenty 10 theme
  • Custom Taxonomies, which enables users to create Categories or additional chunks of meta data

A custom shortlink, meaning that you can now keep your own URL instead of using others like or the shortener that was provided with WordPress version 2.9. For example I can simply post a URL for my post as:


Overall, Thelonius is pretty light with better user friendly options, fixes for the bugs. But the best feature is perhaps running multiple blogs from within the same installation.

While the latest release has taken half a year to roll out for users, Matt has stated that there is no urgency to rush off for WordPress 3.1. He stated that the team will be focusing on various bug fixes and features which include profiles, showcase, Codex, compatibility of APIs, essential plugins over the next three months.

The previous version, 2.9 boasted over 10 million downloads, lets see where this heads off to.