image thumb41 And Welcome PlayStation Emulator For Android!

I am a big fan of the Sony PlayStation which is why I find it absolutely essential to mention psx4droid, the PlayStation emulator for the Android based devices. Excited? I am to say the least.

The app is available for download here and it will cost you $5.99 and would run the games from PS1 and offers the following features:

  • Multiple saves
  • Support for different file types
  • Trackball to be used as the D-pad
  • Support for the WiiMote

The application is a new one and it is bound to have some bugs which will be improved with later releases. I bet folks who love the PS1 and the ancient classics on it wont mind the bugs for now and if you happened to own quite a lot of games on PS1 feel free to download those [i am saying this because downloading games you don’t own is illegal]. Let us knowhow it runs on your Android devices.