amazontraffic thumb Amazon’s Kindle still having the Oprah effect

In October Amazon Kindle was featured by Oprah in her show after which the traffic on Amazon’s website went up way high (479%). The device was sold out around Christmas and the website of Amazon is still showing the same status. Though the traffic of the website isn’t the same as it was when Kindle appeared on Oprah, it is still going steady.

Here are some of the facts as described by Compete:

  • Interest in the Kindle surged the week of Oprah’s endorsement, attracting more than half a million visitors, 2.5x as many online consumers as the week before.
  • The momentum seems to have carried the device into the holiday shopping season, with interest dipping in November, but still remaining well above the “pre-Oprah” weeks.
  • Between Thanksgiving and mid-December, nearly 400,000 people looked at the Kindle online each week.

Image source: Compete Blog