amazon kindle thumb Amazon’s Kindle leaping towards success

amazon Amazon’s Kindle leaping towards success Amazon’s Kindle might have had hard luck with predictions of its success in the market but the present sale out has altered this. Citi’s Mark Mahaney; who had previously been quite discouraging towards it has tipped in its sales to touch more than 300,000 units by the end of this year.

Mark revisited his estimates and currently chalked out a new sale target that might count to 378,000 units by the end of this year and the total earning that he had previously topped at $750 million (or 3% of Amazon’s total sales) and the current success might have it jump to $1.1 billion; or 4% of total sales share.

There have been no changes whatsoever but the present change in estimates is primarily due to the hit Kindle has become in the market. Mahaney himself couldn’t come with anything convincing (as Peter Kafka reports) and said:

Getting real numbers out of Amazon is impossible, and the supply chain is pretty tightly wrapped, as well.

The change in estimates may have been triggered by the amount of positive feedback Kindle has received and it still retains the top slot at being the best seller at Amazon. There are already attempts by both France and Germany to create a similar device in order to compete Kindle but the original device has gained far more popularity and plans are to flood out 150,000 more units in its fourth quarter. Now if I were to pass out such an order, I would make sure my gadget is a must have for people and they are buying it as well.

figure3 thumb Amazon’s Kindle leaping towards success

That being put up, the chart below is Mahaney’s model that reveals Kindle’s impact on Amazon’s hit list.

figure4 thumb Amazon’s Kindle leaping towards success