ske couch potato lg thumb Amazon to help couch potatoes! Plans to start Online Video and TV Shows

Just when the world thinks about moving their legs and walking out for something as personal as getting a flick from a nearby DVD store and doing some hard work we get to hear that is ready to introduce something new. That new thing will be the host of TV shows and movies all online, the service has been called Amazon Video on Demand.

As reported by New York Times; Amazon Customer’s will now be able to watch more than 40,000 programs and movies the moment they have placed their order. How? Streaming videos just like the ones you watch on movies on demand via your cable operator. The system is different from other internet video stores like Apple iTunes, where the customer has to wait while his demand gets downloaded to the hard drive.

Amazon’s Vice President for digital media, Bill Carr said:

Our goal is to create an immersive experience where people can’t help but get caught up in how exciting it is to simply watch a movie right from with a click of the button.

Simple as it is, lazy bums now get to put more weight as they are no more required to wait for anything at all; select, pay and there you have it.

image162 Amazon to help couch potatoes! Plans to start Online Video and TV Shows Amazon has boost up its flooding into the media world and has lately kicked up a deal with Sony Electronics in order to put up its Internet video store on Sony’s much loved Bravia TVs. The service can be made accessible Sony Bravia Internet Video link by mounting a $300 device that brings in high definition videos straight to your TV. Extra expense, but it has been told that newer models of the Bravia series will have this embedded within them giving a better and cheaper hold at Internet TV.

Mr. Carr was very excited as he highlighted the deal stating:

Our goal is to continue to establish partnerships with all companies who have a connected device.

Amazoners also get to download what they are watching something that is always worth the money you put in. plus there is enough to entertain the customers as they can build up their own video library or order a purchase direct that can be hosted at Amazon where you can access it from anywhere. Robert Jacobs, a senior manager at Sony Electronics added:

Creating this on-demand available-everywhere access to premium content is going to be very attractive to consumers.”

Where ever the present trend in technology and web-development takes us, I would personally be obliged to put on my boots and walk out to a nearby DVD store to get what I want to watch (Seriously I don’t want to be the guy in the picture above this post :s).

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