image thumb154 After Digging A Grave With New Design, Kevin Rose Steps Down As CEO Of Digg

Something worthy to talk about for a change at Digg. First things first, I hate the new Digg, it’s crappy, in no man’s land and I have no idea what Kevin Rose was thinking when he updated it. Anyways Digg has got itself a new CEO, a position that had been held by Kevin Rose after Jay Adelson relinquished the position back in April. The position will now be taken by former Amazon Exec, Matt Williams.

Digg had been on the lookout for almost a month and I bet the title of CEO had added more pressure on the Young Kevin Rose, who in my personal opinion is not really up to the task. Rose will head back to his previous position as Chief Architect at Digg, a position he rightly deserves and is more suitable for him.

Matt Williams will bring with him ten years of experience in different positions at Amazon from GM Webstore, Director Tech Alliance. The most recent being GM of Consumer Payments. I look forward to some intelligent decisions in both strategy and design coming up at Digg, given Rose can now concentrate more on the technical aspects of design on the recommendation platform.

By the way how do you find the new look of Digg?