image thumb210 AdventureDrop: The Wikipedia (to be) of Travel

Alright there might be a countless Travel portals on the web, but AdventureDrop, though a startup deserves a worthy mention. Let’s go point wise here, it looks exactly what a travel portal should look like, interactive, one that has you spending time exploring it (even if you don’t intend to travel for the next hundred years). Then the entire portal has been built on the wiki platform, meaning it is open for all to edit and share loads of adventure they have with the community. I might sound overhyped but it definitely made an impression on me.

The most important aspect is that it lets you plan your own adventures unlike the many portals that have fixed locations/sites planned for a tour, AdventureDrop gives you full authority to plan a trip. Know what you need to do while traveling, places you need to visit, get information about them and find tour providers that provide you the kind of adventure you have in mind. I hope they soon jump out of the U.S!